Tintin sequel set for 2015 release

tintin-dvd-bluray Last year The Adventures of Tintin was a hit worldwide, and despite missing out on an Oscar nomination, it managed to take home the Golden Globe for best animated film. The Secrets of the Unicorn was directed by Steven Spielberg, with Peter Jackson serving as producer, and the plan for the sequel has always been for the pair to switch roles.

With two more Hobbit films due to come out in the next two years concern arose about Jackson being able to work on the Tintin sequel as well, but Jackson assures us that it will be out by 2015. This means Jackson will be very busy over the next couple of years as he still has post production and re-shoots on the second and third Hobbit films, which are slated to be released in 2013 and 2014.

He may have to squeeze in shooting the motion capture for Tintin in between his productions of the Hobbit films if he wants to make that 2015 deadline, which is difficult but certainly doable (Spielberg shot the first film in 30 days). The sequel’s script, which will be based on the original Tintin stories, is currently being written by children’s author Adam Horowitz.

  • arun279

    I loved the first one… Nice that they are making a sequel… :)