The Hunger Games DVD release date revealed?

The Hunger Games is still dominating at the box office and fans have plenty of time to see the movie again on the big screen before it disappears, but Lionsgate is already planning ahead for The Hunger Games DVD release date, which could be set for August 2012.

The August date comes courtesy of Amazon Germany which lists The Hunger Games DVD release date for August 23rd. Amazon US and UK don’t have any date listed, but we can probably assume Lionsgate will aim to launch the DVD and Blu-ray at a similar time around the world as they did with the movie itself.

In a recently interview with Collider director Gary Ross said there won’t be many deleted scenes featured in the special features and “there weren’t many scenes that I shot that were cut.” However he said “there’ll be a lot of cool supplemental materials on the DVD, but I don’t think I’ll be putting in other scenes that got dropped.“

As August is quite a while away it’s unlikely that the specifications and details on deleted scenes (or lack of) will be released anytime soon, but i’ll post them here as soon as they become available, along with the confirmed release date.

Are you looking forward to The Hunger Games DVD release date?

  • Kat

    i hope the hunger games is as good on dvd as the big screen and cant wait for catching fire

    • Hillyer

      The movie is a compilation of all the Hunger Games books. There will be no “Catching Fire” movie.

      • Zirtox

        “Catching fire” has already been announced. And why should this movie represent all three books? It only contains the story from the first book.

      • Allegrotechie

        What hell are you talking about? That’s is so false it’s unreal..there IS going to be a Catching Fire movie, and TWO MockingJay movies. I know Mockingjay is one book, but they are breaking it up to two…
        Where do you get your facts from?

      • Mchlmeigs

        I believe you’re wrong, my good sir. “The Hunger Games” movie is based only on the first book. “Catching Fire” is said to be released In November of 2013 and it shall be based on the second book of the series. There is also news on “Mockingjay” becoming a movie, too and it will be split into two seperately parts.

        • Katnissstalker101


        • Dangle

           this guy has his facts right

        • Hubba_bubba17

           this guys has his facts right

        • Dangle

           this guy has his facts right

      • mark

        are you on crack?

      • Kottke507

        there better be a catching fire because catching fire is completely different than the hunger games

      • Swimadidas36

         Glad you did your research. Can’t be the compilation because it had NOTHING from the other two books. But thanks for your useless comment.

        • Bryce

          There was part from the second book in the first movie when rue was killed and the outbreak in the district happened rewatch it and pay attention

      • bob

        shut up .your wrong there is 3 books . the first book is the first movie.
        then catching fire will be the second. also
         mocking jay will be two movies

      • AJ

        Lol did you see it?

      • HungerGamesObbsesor

        Seriously?! That is so not true because that had nothing to do with the second or third books well mayb a bit of the second beginning like foreshadowing but nothing else

  • massi

    I WISH the Hunger games would come out next month on d v d!

  • Lilblucrush333

    I don’t care!!  This is one bad ass movie that when it’s released on dvd I will watch it every day!!  I freaking LOVED it!!


    Also Massi, I hear it’s supposed to be on dvd/bluray on August 23rd.  Not fast enough!!

  • Shenny

    August 23rd is wayyy to far away!!! I want to see it in May/June!!!

    • Sarah Noreensmith

      I know I wish it came out in may :(

      • Jainnsjananr

        Who gives a fuck?

  • Alyssa Schuler

     I was hoping for an earlier release date like June or July….oh well…that is a few days before my birthday and I will watch it so much that I will probably wear out the DVD.

  • jewelw

    Aug? Well That sucks- Never got a chance to see it at the movies

    • Kara_h

      Same here. Since the captioned version seems to be gone now (my spouse is Deaf) I need to wait for the DVD/Bluray before I can see it. Argh!

    • Emily

      It’s still in theaters at bigger places, go to the nearest city with a Cineplex or Empire theater. It’s probably playing there.

  • Sandra

    I think its Catching Fire that needs to have two movies. Too many details in CF that they shouldn’t leave out. Mockingjay was worst of the three. Loved the series as a whole.

    • Emily

      Personally I think Catching Fire was more of a connecting book for The Hunger Game to Mockingjay, although I think Mockingjay was a bit hard to imagine sometimes in my head because it had the Capitol blocks and the pads and some parts got confusing. The first will always be my favourite though. :)

  • Pixel X

    Too long to wait im going to get the bootleg version from my a

  • L.

    Why just because Amazon Germany said it was, conveniently, exactly 5 months from the theatre release should that mean it’s definitely coming out in August? August 23rd is a Thursday as well, DVD’s always come out on Mondays. It would make more sense for early-mid July– 4 months from cinema to DVD is about right. 

  • 66mc

    I LOVE The Games, my birthday is August, so i’ll get it for free from one of my mates :-)
    I was hoping it would come out sooner though, but i have seen it 3 times! XD I am obsessed with the songs! Safe and sound and Eyes Open are my favourite

  • HungerGamesObbsesor

    This is one of my favorite movies ever. And if your friends ever ask u for a team don’t say anyone but team thresh!! He is a beast!!! The way he killed tht one chick, I loved it. I laughed so hard and practically every teen in the theater got up and clapped including me. ;D