Third Hulk movie a possibility for Marvel

April 2012 Update: Don’t expect another Hulk solo movie

At the moment The Avengers is the main overall priority for Marvel as they have been working towards it with the Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk movies. The company has other projects in the pipeline such as The Runaways, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange and Iron Fist, but in terms of The Avengers world nothing has been announced beyond 2012.

In the long run Marvel will be hoping Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger succeed next summer in order to warrant sequels, and according to Bruce Banner 3.0 Mark Ruffalo we may see another Hulk movie.

From Empire:

“They set up several pictures over a couple of years and possibly there will be a Hulk movie. There’ll probably be a couple more Avengers too, which would be fun.”

“The way I see it, Edward Norton has bequeathed this role to me. I reckon the part is my generation’s Hamlet, and there’s still some room for interpreting who The Hulk is.”

I enjoyed The Incredible Hulk but we don’t really need another Hulk movie. Not anytime soon anyway.

Lou Ferrigno, who played the original Incredible Hulk and provided the voice for the green one in the 2008 film, confirmed to Collider that he will be returning to voice The Hulk in The Avengers and he gave his thoughts on why the character is providing difficult to connect with audiences.

What do you think about Mark Ruffalo (being cast) as The Hulk?

I think he’s a great actor. I think he’s a great choice. My only problem is that they keep changing (the actor playing The Hulk’s alter-ego) David Banner. I don’t know the situation with Eric Bana because maybe he had a one-picture deal, but I think Mark (Ruffalo) is a wonderful actor and I think he’ll be, he’ll be a great David Banner.

What did you think of Eric (Bana) and Edward Norton (in the previous incarnations of The Hulk)?

They were good. I mean, Edward Norton, I loved because he was, he’s close to (TV’s original David Banner) Bill Bixby. Eric Bana was the first one that came with the first film (directed by Ang Lee) and he, and he’s a fine actor, too. They’re all different and it’ll be interesting to see how Mark pulls it off, because Mark is deep. You know, like he did Shutter Island? He’s got a deep quality about him. He’s got a sensitive side and I think that’s gonna come out of him.

Why do you think the first two didn’t work as successfully as people had hoped?

Because it’s not human and you can’t connect with the Hulk because it’s CGI. It needs to be more emotional. It’s very hard with CGI.

Do you want to see another solo Hulk movie post-The Avengers, or should he just appear in future Avengers sequels?

  • Giomets154575

    idk , hard to say , where else can they really go with his story besides what they already have done , keep him on the run and still in love with Dr ross? there really is no where else to go with that , however if the buzz is good after ruffalos appearance in Avengers anything is possibel

  • Anonymous

    The problem is the Hulk is quickly becoming the new Punisher franchise(other than the fact that the punisher moves have been bad). Audiences won’t “resonate” with the films if you keep changing the lead. Pick an actor and give him more than one shot at it.

  • Stratc5557

    They need to show more of the Hulk and less of Banner. Also make the Hulk talk. We’re not mind readers. Alot of his attraction is that fans could understand why the Hulk is hurting by the things his says as well as what he does. He’s still human inside. Does anyone ever read the comics? There’s still hope for this franchise.

  • Gilbert4687

    i think theres a hulk 2 sequel with Edward Norton conract to return because they all ready cast a script already.

  • dvinda eratyui


  • TheHulk2011

    I think they should make another solo Hulk movie, because in The Incredible Hulk, they made it as if that the story will continue with the appearence of the Leader and superpowered Doc Sampson. But I understand why they keep changing the lead role because they want an actor that can give a great performance for the audience, and probably all audiences want to see another solo Hulk movie and as do I. Also they need to change what the Hulk looks like the first concept they had for his face was awesome and the a Hulk should more even if it is “Hulk Smash, Hulk Bash” and the Hulk could have been bigger because the Hulk is the strongest there is so he should look like it

    • Dodo1163

      Great comment!!! I have exactly the same idea of talking, getting bigger of hulk….

  • Los_angelez417

    i wonder when the gray hulk will make his first apperance

  • Federik

    In my opinion the Hulk by hang lee was the best. The one that was able to remind me the “original” …

  • Hulk fan

    I think they can take it in any direction. The Hulk is a good guy there are other villians that he can fight, I think the problem is the audience can’t identify between the actor playing Banner and the Hulk him self since they are two sepreate identaties. In the other hero movies you see the actor transform in to his or hers alter ego and you see the actor as that Hero wiyh the Hulk it’s a diferrent story

  • Liltigga2K5

    Well…the first Hulk sucked which made it hard for people to have faith in the “Incredible Hulk”…which was way better but I believe people don’t support it because there is no resolution. No matter how much he saves his girl the U.S. is still hunting him down. Plus there is only so much smashing and blowing up that one can take. It may be better if the Hulk could actually talk too

  • christian williams

    i think theres gonna b an hulk 3 because dr. stark was at the end of part 2

  • unknown

    everybody that says hulk needs to talk just calm down ok? cause in  the second movie he talks a little bit and they are slowly gradually making him talk more and more you can’t expect the hulk to talk right on the spot now do you? no! come on hes human and a beast but banner is still trying to take hold of the best so just calm down the guys that made it know what they are doing and i give them props so just wait until the third hulk movie and i bet he will talk a little bit more in that movie ok? ok!

  • Magnus Nordhaug

    They should reboot The Hulk with Mark Ruffalo that would be interesting.

  • Timmydvd2

    I personally always loved the hulk,the storylines are kinda weak,even tho the images are great,why not put a spin on it,there has to be a point where,his beautiful girlfriend changes too,and gets in the action,now wouldnt that be a bad ass,there has to be a scene where she got infected like him during all that ruckus in part two,and some scene where she gets so upset and angry by what they are trying to do him the change occurs,what a spin.

  • justin

    The asomest movie in the world!

  • John

    they should put the hulk and iron man in the same movie, like if you agree:)

  • Ggg

    please make another one!I like it a lot!! I aggree w/ him , they should put hulk and iron man in the same movie!!!

  • Dropox11

    Although cgi is improving, they still need a physical hulk, they need to build a 1500 pound ‘robot’, like what was done in jurassic park dinosaurs.  Also the hulk should not be  more then 7.5 feet tall, the more angry he gets- the denser he gets, up to 1500 pounds.

  • Mateo11141

    Bruce Banner not David.

  • powerman

    kiss my black ass

  • M3scannell

    Yes,the hulk is marvel,I really hope so,they don’t show the hulk enough,and I think they tend to make him too timid(that’s supposed to be banner),he needlessly roars too much,one the hulk comes out,he needs to be ultra confident,the hulk never doubts his strength,no one should be able to stop him once he gets mad,his feats of strength need to be more impressive(incredible!!!!!!),and he needs more impossible enemies,that can own everyone else but him,shoot throw some heroes his way too,he can’t tell the difference when he’s mad,once he turns to the hulk he needs to give the person or army or whatever who turned him a look that will let them know he has no care for their well being,and they regret doing it,the only time the hulk feels regret is if he hurts an innocent,as I was a kid growing up it was always the hulk and spiderman,the possibilities of the hulk are limitless,he could own the marvel world if that was his goal but he would just rather be left alone,the marvel world should have to tiptoe around tripping the hulk switch,I really liked the world war hulk story,he finally got screwed with enough,took it out on the world,but still had enough control not to kill anyone,just own them,no one has shown ownership like the hulk,he owns others only when they try to own him,like I said I really hope they make another hulk movie,he can change as time goes on,that’s the nice thing about humanizing a character,became progressively change and mature,if they make the movie I will see it ,I liked all the other hulk movies too,nowadays everyone can relate to being bullied,banners the bully Target,the hulks the bullys bully,huge call for this type of hero!!!!

  • fartherchristmas

    make an epic hulk with watchmen cinimatography quality and awesome score, an inteligent all time great.
    physicality like first hulk but not quite as tall. 9 feet less angry 12 feet angriest.
    the boy inside every real man loves the hulk.
    good for the soul.

  • Willholsey

    They need to focus more on world war hulk after the avengers movie. Since they’re having the leader in part 3, have him trick the heroes of earth into thinking hulk is pure evil. So the story of Bruce getting into the ship is more believable. Introduce she-hulk and have him fight for his life on a world far more dangerous than earth.

  • Williampataky

    Hell ya but not impressed with constant change o banner makes it hard for people to grow with the character. More fighting past enemies

  • joe

    Eric banner was the best hulk actor by far. That movie wasn’t the best hulk movie though in my opinion they shoulder kept eric.

  • Goku08121976

    they are putting hulk and iron man in a movie together, its called “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE” DUH!

  • Davecr6

    Make another hulk with the she hulk first appearance and have iron man come in to help with a final battle against abomination and another villain that they hinted at for the end of the second hulk movie. Or they can have hulk versus wolverine…..

  • Rodzilla68

    TThe real problem with the Hulk is which one do you
    Do? TV Hulk or comicbook Hulk? I’d like to see Todd McFarland s hulk stories done.

  • Cinical

    Edward Norton should stay as  the hulk…..if you keep changing him it will be shitty…..the fisr hulk was SOOOOOOOO BAD but i think 
    Edward Norton done a GREAT job!

    • jayman1

      I love ppl who say ohh that HULK movie sucked BAAAAD .Why dont you go try and direct a big budget movie and come up with a good script too while your at it. Ang lee is a great director and came up with a great movie for the HULK. Why dont you enjoy someones art instead of trying to pick it apart and look at with a different point of view. I know for sure it was better than the 2nd movie. That 2nd movies story was so stale atleast the first hulk dealt with some really cool smart aspects that were never thought of before when thinking of the hulk.People just look at something and if the CGI is not good enough for them then its a bad movie what a joke.

  • Synge

    The Hulk vs. The Thing. Or the creation of She Hulk.

  • Brian Goguen

    You`d think after all these years that Lou Ferrigno would stop calling Hulk`s alter ego “David” Banner. DOH

  • Jonathan

    I watched the The Avengers and it was FREAKING AWESOME! I like them all but the Hulk/Bruce Banner STANDOUT among the rest. Mark Ruffalo did an AMAZING job and he gave JUSTICE to Hulk/Bruce Banner compared to the other 2 Hulk movies. Marvel and Disney made an EXCELLENT decision for giving the role to Mark Ruffalo. We NEED a new Hulk movie of Mark Ruffalo! WE NEED MORE!

  • Jonathan

    edward norton SUCKS! Mark Ruffalo is THE HULK! END OF THE STORY!

    The Hulk: “puny norton” HULK SMASH!

  • Avery Haqq

    it is essential to make a third hulk, mainly because, they are making avengers 2 and they need a story arc to tie in to the 2nd movie, that’s if they are even making a 3rd hulk in the 1st place, and, well, that remains to be seen according to Kevin Feige, who now has put the hulk 3 on the back burner. We’ll see what happens in the coming years. As of now that remains to be seen though. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed

  • SAVI


  • boomer

    Mark ruffalo did an outstanding, job in the avenger , if there is a hulk 3 ,I hope its him again , I can’t wait till avenger 2 , I have all the marvel shirts , I am a big fan . Anthony ” Boomer ” Dones

  • Dan SweetTea Gaines

    Was skeptical of Mark Ruffalo playing Banner. That is not a way of questioning Mark’s talent. I couldn’t stand Ang Lee’s “vision” of Hulk. He tried to be too poetic, like it was another “Crouching Tiger” or “Brokeback.” (It should have been MANY BROKEN BACKS). After watching Avengers, Ruffalo deserves the role from here on out. This is nothing against Bana or Norton. Both are great actors, it’s just Mark nailed the Banner part great.
    As far as director and writer, it should be a no-brainer in selecting Whedon to tackle it. He nailed the Hulk, made him almost the star of the show. He captured the essence of Banners struggle to contain the raging beast, yet hired the best CG artists to deliver what almost didn’t feel like a CG entity but a real life threat on screen. Kudos to Joss and Mark for finally giving fans the Hulk we have all been waiting for.
    A sequel needs to be seriously considered, but make it a reboot to the franchise. No matter how sick a society is of reboot’s, if you deliver a top notch quality narrative and excellent acting/directing, as both Ruffalo and Whedon can obviously do, then you’ll leave a fan base begging for more. I know after the Avengers, I am left wanting more of the team as individuals, but none more than the Hulk himself.

  • Migs

    Ok first ur both right his name is David Bruce Banner. I think introducing SheHulk in the next Hulk film is a great idea. Mark does play the best Banner and for the record Hulk is stronger than abomination by far do they really screwed up in the second remake. Hulk is the physical manifestation of rage. There is not one person in Marvel history that stood toe to toe with the Hulk and flat out beat him. Not even Thanos. If any of u remember the infinite wars hulk actually crushed the infinity gauntlet on Thanos hand. Also when Onslaught destroyed every character in Marvel it was the Hulk who was the only one who could break his armor and actually fight him. The Hulk has no limits and therefor should not have had such a hard time facing abomination or even absorbing man (FYI absorbing man is NOT hulks father another screw up)

  • Karina Amer

    I think a number 3 with mark ruffalo would be awesome hes the best one thus far

  • tash

    More hulk Yey!!!

  • Movies

    Keep Mark Ruffalo! He plays a good Bruce Banner!

  • jayman1

    The first Hulk movie rocked these ppl who say it sucked are crazy. You people are so damn spoiled and demand perfection with every damn movie.Yes it could have been better but to say it sucked is going way over board. It was a really good dark script and critics gave it high marks.It was the first try at the hulk in a movie and it was pretty damn good you ask me. Edward norton gave such a dry performance with no emotion and the script sucked on the 2nd movie. They should reboot it with the guy who played the hulk in avengers and make the script more like the orignal iron man and spiderman. If they go back to the origins of the original comic book and get a decent script and good director, I think it will work.

  • jayman1

    I love ppl who say ohh that HULK movie sucked BAAAAD .Why dont you go try and direct a big budget movie and come up with a good script too while your at it. Ang lee is a great director and came up with a great movie for the HULK. Why dont you enjoy someones art instead of trying to pick it apart and look at with a different point of view. I know for sure it was better than the 2nd movie. That 2nd movies story was so stale atleast the first hulk dealt with some really cool smart aspects that were never thought of before when thinking of the hulk.People just look at something and if the CGI is not good enough for them then its a bad movie what a joke.

  • Haritesh

    I think they should make a solo movIe for hulk and also put him in the new avengers because they are doing iron man , Thor the dark world, captian America the winter soldier, the black widow

  • Trey

    First the hulk reboot was amazing why do u think they made avengers it’s assholes like you who make it hard for real fans like me to get to see sequels that need to be made the hulk deserves a 3 movies. It needs one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brianwait

    Yes I do hulk should be in avengers