The Dark Knight Rises MTV Awards trailer

Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Christopher Nolan were in attendance at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards yesterday to present exclusive footage from The Dark Knight Rises.

The footage is mostly made up of new scenes, and while the word ‘epic’ if thrown around a lot when describing trailers, it’s perfectly valid in this instance.

Trailer removed at the request of Warner Bros.

In related Dark Knight Rises news AMC Theatres has listed the running time for the movie at 2 hours 45 minutes. This is even longer than The Dark Knight‘s running time (2 hours 33 mins), so fans will probably have a numb rear to go with their blown mind on July 20th.

Eight years after The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police force to the limits, and forcing Batman to resurface after taking the fall for Harvey Dent. Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman will reprise their roles alongside Anne Hathaway (Catwoman), Tom Hardy (Bane), Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.