Another Terminator movie from the director of Fast Five?

In 2009 Santa Barbara hedge fund Pacificor won the rights to the Terminator franchise at auction after beating the likes of Lionsgate and Sony. As Pacificor had no experience with making movies they began talks with both Sony and Lionsgate to see if they could continue the franchise. Eventually those talks fell apart, and Pacificor began looking elsewhere.

Things have been pretty quiet since then, but now according to Deadline Universal is interested in making another Terminator movie, and their plan is to pair Fast Five director Justin Lin and screenwriter Chris Morgan on the project.

Nothing is official yet, but it’s interesting that this news comes after the recent announcement from Arnold Schwarzenegger that he is finally returning to acting after a number of years in politics. There’s no guarantee Schwarzenegger would return to the franchise, but I suppose it’d make it more watchable if he did.

Before the Terminator rights went to auction Terminator Salvation director McG had plans for its sequel to follow John Connor (Christian Bale) battling machines in a modern day 2011. Those plans evaporated when the rights changed hands, but then William Wisher, James Cameron’s writing partner on the first two films, scripted a detailed 24-page treatment for Terminator 5 and a 4-page concept outline for Terminator 6 which “continued the post-apocalyptic battleground scenario from Terminator Salvation, but added in the element of time travel.”

It is unknown whether this will happen now, but I can’t see where Justin Lin and Chris Morgan could go with the franchise. James Cameron thinks the franchise has ‘run its course’ and I have to agree with him. The Fast and Furious franchise is fun mindless action, but this franchise needs a Nolan-style reboot/sequel/re-imagining more than anything (not that Nolan should direct, but someone with talent and vision should).

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I’d much rather go for a big new season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Was more interesting than the last two Terminator films.

  • Nitin Sharma

    Going for it for my continuous terminator series presence

  • Jim L

    I do not think that that it would be right to reboot this franchise. Let it live on and be remembered for the glory of the first two films.

  • Seerina

    nice im waitng for expendables 2 with arnold in it hopfully that might happen. :)