The Wolverine

New international trailer for The Wolverine


I'll admit I'm actually looking forward to X-Men: Days of Future Past more than The Wolverine. The hype just isn't there in comparison to other movies opening this summer, but the more trailers we get … [Read more...]

New trailer for The Wolverine released


20th Century Fox have released another trailer for The Wolverine with just over 2 months to go before it hits screens. Jean Grey, played by Famke Janssen, haunts Logan in the opening few seconds, … [Read more...]

Two new trailers for ‘The Wolverine’


The marketing push for The Wolverine, which stars Hugh Jackman as the titular hero, is finally picking up momentum. First up was the 7-second Vine tweezer trailer, which director James Mangold posted … [Read more...]

James Mangold teases The Wolverine trailer


Tomorrow we'll be seeing a 20 second tease and on Wednesday we'll get the full trailer for The Wolverine, but for now we have 6 whole seconds of footage to play on loop. Yes, that is Famke Janssen as … [Read more...]

The Wolverine trailer will arrive March 27th


20th Century Fox's marketing for The Wolverine has been quiet compared to other movies opening around the same time, but we'll finally be getting our first look at footage from the film later this … [Read more...]

New image from The Wolverine released online


A new image from the forthcoming comic book adaptation, The Wolverine, has been released via the movie’s Facebook page. The screenshot shows the titular hero, Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman), … [Read more...]