The Incredibles

Pixar: Ranking 14 films from worst to best


A few months back I questioned whether or not Pixar’s dominance was slipping away. Recently we’ve learned that, because of delays, 2014 will be the first year without a Pixar film since 2005. Pixar’s … [Read more...]

Top 10 Pixar films at the box office

Toy Story 3

I can't stress enough that the following list is all about how much money these wonderful animated films have made worldwide, since I believe no one could ever make an objective top 10 for Pixar films … [Read more...]

Superheroes at the box office (Part 6)


This week we go over 9 movies from 2003 to 2005, 6 of which are based on Marvel properties, just to give you an idea how much they've grown since Blade in 1998. Among the 9 we get a bunch of sequels, … [Read more...]