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International Red Band Predators trailer


I had the impression that Predators was just another way for 20th Century Fox to milk the Predator franchise even further following the whole Vs. saga a few years ago. The trailers that have been … [Read more...]

First official trailer for Predators!


Earlier this week we got our first look at Robert Rodriguez's Predators reboot in the form of a behind the scene featurette, and now we have the first official teaser trailer for the film. It looks … [Read more...]

First look at Predators


The attendees of the South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas were treated to a first look at footage from Nimrod Antal's Predators last night, and luckily for us a sneak peak has been made … [Read more...]

Everyone joins Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion


According to Deadline Hollywood Warner Bros. has outbid it's fellow studios for Steven Soderbergh's next movie Contagion. The film follows an international team of doctors and scientists brought in by … [Read more...]

First images from the set of Predators

Image removed due to request from 20th Century Fox CONFIRMED: there are PREDATORS in PREDATORS. A dozen photographs taken on the set of upcoming Predators have been uploaded on the AVP Galaxy … [Read more...]