Iron Man 3

Super Bowl 2013 movie TV spots


While a few studios decided to sit the Super Bowl out this year Disney, Paramount and Universal were more than happy to spend their advertising dollars on TV spots for some of their upcoming movies. … [Read more...]

Iron Man 3 “sweded” trailer


A few weeks ago we got our first look at the trailer for the upcoming Iron Man 3, and now we've gotten a slightly different version. Some devoted fans have put together an extermly low budget shot for … [Read more...]

First trailer for Iron Man 3


After weeks of teasing Marvel has finally released the first full trailer for Iron Man 3. This definitely looks to be the most serious of franchise. There are no jokes, no flashy stage entrances, and … [Read more...]

First Iron Man 3 teaser revealed

Video thumbnail for youtube video First Iron Man 3 teaser revealed | Filmonic

A few days ago we told you that the first teaser for Iron Man 3 would be premiering on Facebook as soon as it received enough 'likes'. Well, the moment is here, Facebook has given us a glimpse of Iron … [Read more...]

Iron Man 3 trailer to be released on Facebook

The first Iron Man 3 trailer was originally scheduled to be released at 12:01 on October 23rd, but fans may be getting an early look, so long as they follow the instructions on Facebook. The official … [Read more...]

Iron Man 3 trailer coming soon

According to E! Online Marvel will be releasing the first trailer for Iron Man 3 on October 23rd at 12:01am. The trailer may also be attached to prints of Cloud Atlas which opens that weekend, so fans … [Read more...]