Stan Lee talks about Black Panther and Silver Surfer movies

black-panther-movieThe Marvel catalog is so vast that there are opportunities for several new franchises to emerge, and comic book legend Stan Lee is confident we will be seeing many more superheroes on the big screen in the coming years. After developing films for some of the more popular and obvious choices such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Hulk, and Captain America, some of the lesser known superheroes may now be introduced into popular culture.

At the New York City Comic Con, Lee was asked about two projects in particular, film adaptations of Black Panther and Silver Surfer.

In addition to the already confirmed Ant-ManDoctor Strange, and Guardians of the Galaxy movies, Lee threw another superhero into the mix:

The people at Marvel are spending hours trying to think ‘what’ll we do next.’ … They’re fans of the stories and are trying to think ‘what will the fans like to see next? What would we like to see next?’ So they’re working on ANT-MAN, working on DOCTOR STRANGE; they’re working on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY; they’re working on god knows what. Did I say the BLACK PANTHER also? They’re the ones I know about.”

Then there’s The Silver Surfer, who already appeared in 2007’s Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. However, The Fantastic Four are getting a reboot courtesy of Chronicle director Josh Trank, so it would make sense if The Silver Surfer get a reboot of his own.

MTV Geek asked Lee about a Silver Surfer movie, and he had this to say:

Well, let me put it to you this way: Back at Marvel, they are frantically looking for what is the next one they’re going to do. There is no way they won’t eventually do a Silver Surfer movie.

Unfortunately, it’s a possibility the Lee misspoke as Marvel doesn’t actually own the rights to The Silver Surfer, Fox does. However, even if Marvel isn’t pursuing a Silver Surfer solo film, it doesn’t mean that Fox isn’t. With Fox owning the rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four as well, there’s always a possibility of them brewing their own Avengers/Justice League style collaboration and teaming up all of their superhero properties. Meanwhile, Spider-Man is stuck in his own universe at Sony, so don’t expect to see him team up with anyone anytime soon.

We’ll keep you updated on Black Panther and Silver Surfer news as it comes in, in addition to all things ‘Marvel Universe’.

  • Dare Devil

    didn’t rights to silver surfer & Galactus revert back to marvel in return of more time for Dare Devil movie ….

    • Andrew

      They talked about it, but that deal never happened.

  • fred

    Hopefully ‘Black Panther’ will finally get an official confirmation from Marvel this time instead of another rumor year after year, that’s getting pretty damn played out for my liking.