Shadow of the Colossus movie gets Chronicle director Josh Trank

We last heard about Shadow of the Colossus, a movie based on the popular video game, way back in 2010 when word came out that it would be in 3D. I thought the project was dead, but it appears that the studio simply needed to find the right director. Deadline reports that Sony has signed Chronicle director Josh Trank to bring the video game to the big screen. More after the jump.

I’ve never played the game, but Deadline has a pretty good description of it:

The protagonist is a young man who thinks his lover has died. Desperate to bring her back, he heads into a forbidden land, and summons a demon who can wake the dead. The price for bringing back his girl: slay 16 colossi that dominate this mystical place. These are skyscraper-sized giants that rise from the ground, fly through the air and come from the water. As the young man works through his quest on horseback, he begins to wonder if he is on a noble pursuit to bring back his lover, or perhaps has made a deal with the devil and is being used.

(Let it be known: “colossi” is my new favorite word.)

Trank has been a fan of the franchise since it came out in 2005, and he apparently has been campaigning for the director’s chair on this movie because he loves the property so much. It’s good to hear he’s got passion, because this sounds like one hell of an ambitious movie and it needs somebody who really cares about the material instead of just turning into another Clash of the Titans .

Chronicle cost around $13 million and made $124 million worldwide, so it stands to reason that Sony would be interested in giving Trank a shot at a project with a bigger scope. Trank has been linked to a bunch of other projects, including The Red Star, Venom, and a Fantastic Four reboot.

Have you played Shadow of the Colossus? Let us know in the comments if you think Trank is the right fit for a movie version.

  • DoctorTrogdorMD

    I thought long and hard about it, and Shadow of the Colossus is my favorite game ever. I didn’t see Chronicle because it looked kind of campy and derivative to me. It just wasn’t my thing. But Chronicle did get very good reviews, and if Trank likes the game as much this says he does, he’ll do a good job.