Save Me From The Robots, Robert Downey Jr!


An interesting report coming in from the Iron Man 2 set, even though I’m fairly sure it’s wrapped. This from Cinemablend:

…apparently an extra was injured while filming a robot scene in some fashion. Unfortunately no one noticed, except Robert Downey Jr. who their sources say, “Robert, who wasn’t in the scene, suddenly noticed one extra twisting in pain and moaning.” The story goes that Robert then ran across the set, charged into the scene braving rampaging robots while yelling “Cut! Cut!” to save the extra.

So what injured this extra?

An iron robot.

Yes, the scene in question was said to include “stunt men dressed as robotic villains [rampaging] through the set.” One of the stunt men, dressed in an iron costume whacked the extra with his heavy robo-gear and injured him.

What have we learned? Iron Man 2 will include rampaging robotic villains and for whatever reason, these costumes were made out of actual iron instead of using the kind of movie magic that makes plastic look like iron so said plastic can’t whack extras hard enough to hurt them.

We’ve also learned that RDJr sits off set, ready to pounce in should he need to ruin a take or save someone in pain. You can bet the insurance company isn’t so happy about that.

  • Jonze

    I'm so in love with RDJ :P

  • johnson

    should be glad Christian Bale isn't in the movie…

  • elanor

    it hasn't wrapped yet… jon favreau was still twittering from the set as of july 1st

  • Brandon

    Further proof RDJ is really Iron Man. Classy guy, Christian Bale could learn a lot from Robert. Cannot wait for this movie!

  • Da7e

    Thank you.

  • Da7e

    Thank you.