Ryan Reynolds could be the next Highlander

A new Highlander film has been in the works for a few years now, with one-time Bioshock director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo at the helm. Nothing has really happened with it, but it appears that the project just got a shot in the arm because Variety reports that talks have begun with Ryan Reynolds to take on the role of the immortal swordsman. More information after the jump.

The original 1986 film starred Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery, and is one of those movies that is a cult classic arguably for being “so bad, it’s good.” Summit and Lionsgate are behind the reboot of the property, and seem keen on Reynolds based on his previous showmanship with a blade in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and his long-discussed Deadpool spinoff. Reynolds also used a sword in Blade: Trinity if I recall correctly, so he definitely knows what he’s doing at this point.

Nothing is signed yet, and Reynolds could eventually walk away from this project in favor of something else, but what do you think about the potential casting? Would you be interested in seeing a Highlander reboot with Reynolds holding the sword?

  • rockstar345

    no bad enough as green lantern

  • Mer

    no way…Reynolds sucks ass!

    • MDR

      yeah, he’s kinda gay and they need a cool dude if they are really gonna do this. they talked about tom hardy which would have been decent but reynolds is too popular and soft. he’s a tulip.

  • Reverend

    You are talking about a series of movies that was about more than just sword on sword action… granted he may be able to do a decent fight scene… the question is if he can pull off a serious role that has no tie ins with any kind of humor at all… I for one believe that he has the potential to pull off said role, but only if you start with a brand new character just starting out as an immortal and not a character that has already been through it all and has no character defining moments…
    I do understand the pressure people put on Ryan Reynolds for the rap he gets from the movies he’s played in… but most people think along the lines of that the movie defines the actor/actress… such as Green Lantern… Ryan Reynolds actually earned bookoo respect for hitting home on the Green Lantern Character himself… His biggest flaw so far is he keeps getting put in to bad movies, so people don’t exactly see him striking home on almost every character role he has done… I think yes he could pull off the role of a Highlander… and one that would make both Christopher Lambert and Adrien Paul proud

    • Kalten

      I agree. I believe Reynolds would make a great Highlander. Adrien Paul didn’t try to be Christopher Lambert. Reynolds can be a different Scotsman and hold true to what Lambert and Paul set forth before him. Why not throw in wise cracks as well? The other Famous Scotsman has in several of his roles….including Mentor to The Highlander: Sean Connery. If Connery can have a Scottish accent no matter what nationality he plays (French, Russian, British), why can’t Reynolds be witty in every single role?

  • Glfanforever

    Highlander was one of my favorite movies ever and I agree with reverend the reason I think Green Lantern was soooo bad was the casting, or if he played the Kyle Raynor GL , Hal Jordan was not the comedic GL, And the more serious role of Highlander is not something I would like to see ryan do, although I enjoy his more accurately portrayed rolls, deadpool would be awesome for him in a future movie more to his history

    • http://www.facebook.com/MercifulOne Miles Bright Jr.

      I Always Thought Ryan Reynolds best dc character match up would be the Flash (Deadpool is perfect for him for my marvel concerns ) . More over a younger Nathan fillion would be the best Green Lantern

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FJEQFHHUJSQFXO7TOIC5PMVTA4 Philippa Chapman

    I hope not. His lack of acting in ‘Green Lantern’ is against him. Also, can he do a solid Scottish accent?

  • http://twitter.com/ndueck Nolan Dueck

    How about a real scottish actor, like Gerard Butler, James McAvoy, or even Ewen McGregor? If the accent isn’t authentic, the movie will be hamstrung from the start.

    • Eric P

      I agree. Reynolds is too American to be the Highlander, whether Conner McLeod or any of his relatives. The humor is not the problem, Highlander can be funny, but at its heart it needs to be dramatic and high fantasy. Getting someone like Butler might work, but it would be better to get an unknown. And for gosh sakes, don’t try to explain why they are immortal. They just are. And don’t put the Gathering in the first film. It ruins any attempt to make sequels. Swords, babes, and historical flash-backs, that is what makes Highlander great. There can be only one. So choose wisely. Unlike the Conan people did. (new conan sucks compared to arnold’s version)

  • Woodey

    I don’t want to see Van Wilder take on a remake of this great cult film! If its not comedy Ryan Reynolds stinks.

  • Andrea

    I agree with the whole scottish actor thing… Gerard Butler would make a brilliant Connor MacLeod… Ewan McGregor and James McAvoy would be alright in the role as well… but Gerard would be the best choice out of those options. Kevin McKidd would also be a good option… even for the role of the villian. But then again… there are many other scottish actors who have not been overexposed… a fresh new face may be a better choice… Paul Telfer for example. In any case, a scottish actor would be the best option!

    • Asashii Fustazi

      James McAvoy, yes a 5 foot 5 inch McCloud!!!!

  • MickDXB

    I’ve seen Highlander, literally, over 30 times….maybe over 40 times. Only film I’ve watched routinely in my life (I had a 1 DVD collection back in the early 90’s).


    Gerrard Butler as Ramirez or perhaps if they insist on sticking with the character’s Spanish ancestry…(although he says “I’m Egyptian”) – Javier Bardem
    Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) or Paul Telfer as Connor MacLeod (both Scots)
    Laura Fraser or Neve McIntosh as Heather (both Scots)
    Jennifer Lawrence as Brenda (depending on the budget)

    Clan members in the 1500’s segments could include any of thesegreat Scottish actors which should all be featured:
    Tommy Flanagan, Iain Glen, Kevin McKidd, Brian Cox, James Cosmo, Robert Carlyle, Tony Curran, Peter Mullan, Angus Macfadyen

    Kurgan is meant to be Russian but I can’t think of any solid Russian bad guy actors out there but maybe someone like Mads Mikkelsen (a Dane) as Kurgan (I was also thinking Michael Shannon who can be scary but he’s not very big or Sean Bean who I don’t believe could be evil enough and Vinnie Jones who is laughable as an actor)

    This would be my ideal cast.

  • BryanPopp

    How about Gerald Butler as Conner and Ray Stevenson as The Kurgen.

  • Sherry

    No! Adrian Paul is THE Highlander!