Movie Reviews

Review: We’re the Millers


A more apt title for We’re the Millers would be National Lampoon’s Marijuana Vacation. Only this isn’t really a stoner comedy at all. It’s a family comedy disguised as a stoner comedy. At that, an … [Read more...]

Review: 2 Guns

Summer 2013 has delivered another throwback action movie following last month’s White House Down, the type of movie that would have been the big summer tentpole had it been released in the 80‘s or … [Read more...]

Review: Blue Jasmine


Woody Allen’s new dramedy Blue Jasmine is an astute dramatic character study, a timely commentary on a ‘Madoff’ inspired crook, as well as a ‘clash of the cultures’ comedy. Both funny and tragic, … [Read more...]

Review: The Wolverine


Why can’t Hollywood make a good Wolverine movie? He’s arguably the best character of the X-Men universe, so why are his solo outings so lackluster? This new installment replaces the silliness … [Read more...]

Review: Only God Forgives


Style over substance isn’t always a bad thing. In Only God Forgives, the style is surrealism and the substance is shocking brutality. Mainstream audiences will hate this film. As the end credits roll, … [Read more...]

Review: The Conjuring


Halfway through The Conjuring I thought, “Well, I’ll be keeping the lights on when I go to sleep tonight.” This is old-school horror with little in the way of gore but a lot in the way of scares. … [Read more...]

Review: Pacific Rim


Ow. My brain hurts. Pacific Rim is sensory overload featuring two hours of rock ‘em, sock ‘em robots, rocking and socking Godzilla-sized monsters. While the visual effects are among the best of all … [Read more...]

Review: Grown Ups 2


At risk of losing all critical credibility, I must admit that I am an unapologetic fan of Adam Sandler. His first forays into filmdom, Billy Madison & Happy Gilmore, are two of the funniest, … [Read more...]

Review: The Lone Ranger


The Lone Ranger is one of the oddest summer blockbusters in a long time. It’s old-fashioned, yet modern. It’s wacky and lighthearted but also has to be the most violent Disney movie ever made. And for … [Read more...]

Review: White House Down


There will be obvious comparisons made between White House Down and the identically plotted March release Olympus Has Fallen. Both films are essentially Die Hard in the White House. There are only so … [Read more...]