Review: Iron Man

Since the beginning of the comic book-to-movie boom, there have been many attempts to turn each superhero into a blockbuster movie franchise. Sometimes it has worked, and other times it was pronounced DOA.

Without exaggeration, Iron Man is one of the best superhero movies I have ever seen. Jon Favreau had some amazing source material, updated it for the 21st Century, and led us awaiting fans into superhero heaven. The movie literally starts with a bang and hardly stops for you to take a breath until the credits roll (and then you’re just anxious to see the Samuel L. Jackson cameo!)…

You have all seen the movies that make even great actors stumble. Put a cat suit on Halle Berry and all you want to do is bury your head in the litter box. (You get my drift.) But this movie seemed to do the direct opposite. This wasn’t some dumbed down version of the movie so the kiddies could understand, but was built on a smart and oftentimes very witty script that brought the best out of all the actors.

Robert Downey Jr. is in his element with the role of Tony Stark. He has just enough cockiness to pull off the image of a spoiled bachelor who’s the kind of guy to sleep with a woman and have his assistant show her the door the next day, but sincere enough that you believe when he wants to try and help the very people his company’s products (weapons) put in harm’s way. Hopefully this is the resurgence of his career, as I’d like to see him in many more roles. At least we have 2010 to look forward to if nothing else!

Gwyneth Paltrow is able to pull of the pleasing assistant, Pepper Potts, with elegance, even though it is a smaller role than she is used to. She didn’t seem to do the movie just for the money, but put her acting skills to good use! Terrance Howard is great as usual, and there’s not much more to say about his performance than that. And Jeff Bridges is believable in his role as Tony’s frienemy (friend turned enemy!).

Is it even necessary to mention the special effects?  Probably not, but I’m going to anyway.  AMAZING.  There aren’t any big green giants, blue furry beasts, or even any web slinging.  This superhero is based on technology, and it was made real by the incredible job the SFX team did!  The Iron Man suit, REAL.  Yes, RDJ actually suited up, and it looked incredible.  MAJOR PROPS!  And the action scenes are truly a sight to see.  You could almost feel every blow (I’d imagine the subwoofers in the theater had something to do with that!), and you were RIGHT THERE with the action.  None of that long lens crap, but right up in the face of it all.  This is DEFINITELY one of those movies you need to see on the BIG SCREEN…!

If you go to one superhero movie this summer (okay, two, because you’re not going to want to miss Batman!), GO SEE THIS ONE. I know I mention it every time I talk about Iron Man, but it STILL has an 8.4 rating on IMDb after a massive 27,000 votes! THAT MEANS SOMETHING!

Seriously, and again without exaggeration: 10/10.