Real Steel 2 – Sequel Plans

Director Shawn Levy talks about plans for Real Steel 2. The sequel will involve more robot fights, and more Hugh Jackman.

DreamWorks started working on a sequel to Real Steel way before the film was actually released in October. John Gatins, who wrote the screenplay for the first film, was re-hired, but the sequel wouldn’t move forward unless Real Steel was a success.

In a new interview director Shawn Levy said he’s talking will DreamWorks about making the next film, and he expects the script to be delivered soon.

From Collider:

“I speak to [DreamWorks Co-Chariman/CEO] Stacey Snider every week and we’re getting our script within the next two weeks. I’ll just say that—I mean look, $300 million worldwide, that’s a good number for a movie that cost just north of $100 million. The DVD seems to be articulating, the sales of the DVD seems to be speaking to a fanbase that now exists, whether it’s from having seen the feature or being curious and seeking it out on Blu-ray. I’ll just say that those numbers with the box office, with the toy sales, they’ve all got us thinking and they do have us talking. So it’s a maybe with a capital ‘M’ (laughs). I just made up that incredibly pretentious expression.”

‘What are the things about that movie that people are responding to?’ Yes it’s the fights, but it was really that father-son heart of the movie, and the wish fulfillment of like ‘What if you could be that kid?’ and the good movies, whether it’s The Goonies or whatever, it’s going to tap into the kid version of us. I think that’s what Night at the Museum did and I think that’s what Real Steel did and so we’re certainly kind of tweaking the sequel script based on an awareness now that that is what happened with Real Steel.”

If and when we see a Real Steel 2 will probably depend on the schedules of both Hugh Jackman and Shawn Levy. Jackman is always in demand, and Levy is attached to direct James Cameron’s Fantastic Voyage, as well as Pinocchio prequel The Three Misfortunes of Geppetto. He will also direct a new Frankenstein movie written by Max Landis (Chronicle) for 20th Century Fox.

Do you want to see a Real Steel 2?

  • jessied44

    Yes, but only if they keep the heart and the real personalities in the characters.  The robots were awesome, but without a great script and real feeling, they are just big tin cans crashing.

    • Tmccorm

      Aka the transformers movies

    • (Robin)Sad Fan

      I really like this movie ! It’s very cool.I want a 2nd part of this film.

  • Mariuspatrasc

    This is a awesome movie, YES we want a 2nd part!

  • Annonymous

    I think they should do something were the owner of atom comes forward and when the dad leaves the boy, the boy runs away from who ever adopted him. That is so the boy can get his robot back but then the boy discovers that it’s his mum’s robot and that she didn’t actually die. Because is wasn’t mentioned how she died. Then the boy’s dad finds out she is alive as well.

    • christy

      That just doesnt sound good

    • Silver tong 7

      I think it sounds pretty cool

    • Anonymous

      Honestly…..terrible idea…just terrible.

    • dante

      yah thats the worst idea i have ever heard in my life i think i would rather watch the old live action tmnt movies

    • JD

      Leave. NOW. Just leave forever and never come back. NO!

  • Andre


  • christy

    I would love to see a 2nd part, loved the 1st movie

  • amie

    Only if tak mashido and his robots are!!!

  • Neilrock

    amie said only if Zeus and his creator are. I would think so. just like
    Apollo Creed in ROCKY he is pissed that Atom took his robot to the
    final round and he had to win on points. so, he obviously wants a rematch
    to show the win wasn’t a fluke. I look forward to it.

  • ben grant

    HELL YA I WANNA SEE REAL STEEL 2! I just got done whatching the first one for the 50th time “its amazing”

  • Robot lover

    This movie rules so hard and is probably in many peoples top ten greatest movies of all time. It has everything a movie needs, robots that fight each other and also some parts where regular people get beat up. I think they could make at least two more of these and I would personally send as much as 15 dollars to help offset the cost of filming such an elaborate and high tech film. I also hope they start a real robot fighting league because I would watch that everyday just like I watch real steel everyday.

  • haingn

    great movie lookn forward to a sequel

  • sgty

    Myself and my kids would love to see Real Steel 2. Not to mention a wave 2 toy of the red bot Atom upper cuts onto the hood of the car.

  • Mary

    Love this movie!! Can’t wait for part 2.

  • Tracey

    And I would definitely love to see Real Steel 2. I’ve watched the 1st one about 6 times and I get emotional every time. It’s a heart-filled movie and Hugh Jackman is a sight for soar eyes!

  • sooryakiran

    Yeah i wanna see real steal 2

  • jjj

    Would love a sequely


    The parallel to the Rocky series is unquestionable
    In the sequel he will undoubtedly fight and win

  • rvega

    Yes I want to see real steel two get crackin

  • rvega

    Same actors please

  • rvega

    This movie give me a great feeling I love love it. Thank you

  • rvega

    I hope I don’t have to wait 5years to see it !

  • Manik Khullar

    Yes if it comes i would go to it in hall 5 times

  • Lycan

    YES !!!! TRIPLE YES !!!!

  • Harvey Lawrence

    its a more futureistic version of rocky

  • steph

    Definitely real steel is brilliant!

  • Nick

    All the way yesssssssss. I would never get tired of seeing the first one. They can make a trilogy, and I will be there to see them all.

  • best movie ever

    The most awsome movie I’ve seen in so very long. A movie we’ve all been waiting for. Just a spectacular peice. Just got finished watching this masterpeice and if there isn’t a sequal to this many many people would be dissapointed, but I have faith that this movie will go far. This was just the first steep to a great succsess.

  • Pratik J

    Absolutely with a Capital ‘A’.. This is what i call a Si-Fi Action movie.. WAITING!!!

  • akilagamage

    hell yeah! i wanna see real steel 2!!!! great movie!!! i’ll give a 5/5 rating for real steel … can’t wait till the next part appears!!!!

  • kevin menard

    Yes me and my son would love too see a part 2 of real steal

  • Lisa Marie Williams

    “REAL STEEL” is now at the top of my BEST MOVIE EVER MADE list!!! I watch it every time it comes on (as a matter of fact I just got done watching it again) and I’m going to go out and buy it this month. I jump, yell with excitement and cry every time I see it. I told my kids, I wish I could do just ‘1’ thing in my life time that could give them a reason to look at me with the pride that Max has on his face when he watch’s his dad Charlie, shadow boxing during the last fight between Atom and Zeus. I hope they make a “Real Steel 2” and keep Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo, Evangeline Lilly, and of course ATOM in it!!! <3

    • Kamlesh

      I share your thoughts.. The movie is complete!! There’s nothing more beautiful for a Dad than having his son proud of him.. The best movie so far..

  • fireboom

    My three year old loves the film an watches it at least twice a day. He also copys the dance routine with atom an max and the boxing moves! He’s even made me download the game on my phone!!!!

  • Nelson

    ABSOLUTELY!!…Real Steel was an AWESOME movie that my son and I both enjoyed very much and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing a sequel. Great Job!!!

  • Kamlesh

    One of those film which I love.. The best part is that, Real Steel is the greatest of ‘those films..’ No words, I cried out of emotions, I was thrilled with the actions, I was amazed for the beauty of the movie and fell in love with every second of this film..

  • Ashley

    Yes plz make another it is awesome
    I really liked the first I am exited to c the sec

  • DontWatchMovies

    YES! I don’t watch many new movies. Hollywood sucks mostly..but this movie was great entertainment. It was interesting for every moment. Good emotions..bloodless action and good values. Please make a sequel!

  • Raul

    YEESS we want real steel 2!!!!!! Don’t listen to those people who dOnt want part 2 but more people want part 2 and less dont want part two it freking awesome just make a part 2!!!!!!! EPIC

  • patunia

    yes please, this is the best movie ever. personally I’m not a robot kind of a girl but I became one because of Max and charlie. Their relationship is what made me love this movie so much.
    So when you make the sequel do not forget the heart of the movie, MAX AND CHARLIE.

  • GB

    PLEASE make Real Steel 2??! My son and I LOVE Real Steel! He wanted books to read on Real Steel, but there were none. He wanted a t-Shirt but we didn’t see any. At least I got him all the figures I could and I also found him a poster and got the video game. We definitely want MORE PLEASE? His favourite is Noisy Boy. He wasn’t happy with what happened to him. ;)

    But yes, please bring back the magic and HEART of the first film, and Real Steel 2 will do fine.

    Please? :)

  • Hattie mcClain

    Yes we want to see a Pt 2 , the movie was great. :)

  • Theodore

    Yes please get busy on the real steel sequel but keep the same actors otherwise we lose interest , and that was a great movie wouldn’t want that feeling changed…….. Side step upper cut ! Go A T O M !!!! ” your secrets safe with me ” ..

  • Atomic

    Heck yeah! Atom-Zeus rematch…woohooo…! It’s not finished yet!

  • Agni Girish

    Till date I had watched the movie 10 times. I want to see Real Steel 2 soon. Please:-D

  • amanda

    YES!! So many times, YES! I would LOVE to see a REAL STEEL 2 and 3 and so on. Great movie. Great, great movie.

  • oge

    i rellay would like to know if he get a girlfriend or i likes some one and went it comes out if be looking for a trailer for mouths frish the shit t-you did not answer inthe frist movie

  • NickDJ

    Real Steel 2 need to put a lot of heart inside it to get even with Real Steel itself. Otherwise, people will lose interest for sure. Although Real Steel is not on a top list, it sure wins a lot of hearts ….

  • Nathan

    I would love to see a reel steel 2. The first one was great and there has to be a rematch between atom and zeus. The peoples champ just won’t due. atom needs another shot. Can’t wait to see it in theatres.

  • mat

    finished watching the first one for the ( no exaggeration) 40ish time and still love it bring on #2 “GO GET E’M”

  • Cliff Schaeffer

    Cool! It’s a good movie and move.

  • boff

    Hell yeah!! I absoloutekly loved Real Steel at the cinema, and bought the film as soon as I saw it was out!

  • CT

    Real Steel 2 would be perfect. Max’s aunt allows joint custody, we learn Tak Machido was the inventor of Atom and buried him in the recycling yard when he became autonomous, Atom suffers heavy damage in the first Zeus fight, but Max becomes the superior robot builder to Machido and ultimately beats Zeus. I’ll be at the theater!

  • mj


  • lilfordzy2010

    we want real steel 2 bad i loved the 1st movie its awsme

  • d

    Yes on real steel 2. Its great take, father n son build trust and regain what they lost all threw a passion of fighting. Robots.

  • Mike

    Yes, bring it on, the first Real Steel was great!!!

  • Dan

    ABSOLUTELY, PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL! I just watched it again (2 times this week!) and love the story of the father/son relationship building around ATOM. I want to see Charlie fight for his son and ATOM dish out more punishment while absorbing so much himself. The whole “David vs Goliath” feel to this junkyard robot was entertaining to watch.

  • Justin

    Yes we want Real Steel 2!!!! Same actors with same personalities. Hoping that the sequel will be continued and just be as good if not better than the first, with a rematch of Zeus vs. Atom.

  • tyler

    I can watch real steel over and over and not grow tired of it. I’m looking forward to the sequel, should be my favorite set of movies if the second is as good as the first

  • tyler

    I could watch real steel over and over. I’m looking forward to a sequel, should be my favorite set of movies if the second one is as good as the first

  • Derek


  • Bigbubba

    Oh yeah want see real steel 2 as I have watched 5 times on real steel and please do keep the same actors. Make sure the plot be the best story.

  • Alan

    That movie was awesome I would love to see a Second one!

  • Benedict Oxendine

    That movie was outstanding I showed it to my younger brother and he thought it was awesome. There need to be a Real steel 2

  • I am batman

    Because Batman said so!

  • leia

    Awesome movie my favorite movie I think it would be awesome to see a 2nd one I’d love to see were the story picks up right after the 1st one