R.L. Stine discusses Goosebumps movie

R.L. Stine was recently promoting his new book, Red Rain, and fielded some questions about his most famous works, the Goosebumps series. Stine was asked about the Goosebumps movie, which is currently in development, and he wasn’t too optimistic about it. Stine remarked “I never believe those things until I see them,” and “I’m waiting, I’m waiting.”

A lot of us in our twenties have fond memories of Goosebumps from our childhoods, although I must admit I was always more of an Animorphs guy myself. Still, I remember how popular Goosebumps was around my elementary and middle schools; it seemed that you couldn’t walk five feet without running into someone reading a Goosebumps book. The books even got a T.V. series around the same time, which also proved to be quite popular. Stine even brought up the old show while discussing the movie, saying “I’ve had much better luck on television.”

This isn’t to say that Stine believes that a movie will never happen, it just looks like he doesn’t expect it anytime soon, perhaps not even this decade. He brought up Where the Wild Things Are, one of the most popular kids’ books of all time, reminding everyone that took fifty years to get a film adaptation.

  • Jumacas

    Now that’s something with all the potential in the world for a great movie. Animorphs! This material deserves more than that crappy series that propably killed it as a franchise. And a new Goosebumps CGI animated film or series doesn’t sound like a bad idea either.

  • Thain Limb

    Yes animorphs rocked until k. A. Applegate blew the ending like a gay pornstar.