Movie Posters

Here's the latest collection of new movie posters for films and movies released in 2013, 2014 and beyond

New poster for Robocop


MGM has released a very red and very cool new poster for their upcoming Robocop remake. Whether people think a remake is needed or not, at least the marketing has been above average. The movie is … [Read more...]

Thor: The Dark World poster unveiled


The first trailer for Thor: The Dark World is expected to be released sometime next week, and it'll probably be attached to Iron Man 3 when it hits late-April/early May around the world. Ahead of our … [Read more...]

First poster for The Hangover Part III


The first poster for The Hangover Part III has been revealed. It features an epic stare-down between the two most insane characters in the series, Alan and Chow, along with the tagline “It all ends,” … [Read more...]

New poster for Monsters University


Months ago we got our first glimpse of what Mike and Sully, played by John Goodman and Billy Crystal respectively, looked like back in their college days, but now we are getting a glimpse at a whole … [Read more...]