Patrick Hughes will direct The Expendables 3 pending studio approval

The-Expendables-3Sylvester Stallone has chosen a director for the next installment of his over the top action franchise, The Expendables 3. Stallone has handpicked little known Australian director Patrick Hughes to direct, whose only directing credit so far is 2010’s Red Hill. The studio behind the franchise, Millennium, still needs to approve Stallone’s pick, and Hughes will reportedly meet with studio heads soon to try and win the job.

The first Expendables was directed by Stallone himself but he stepped down to let Con Air director Simon West take over for the sequel. Perhaps going with a newcomer is exactly what Expendables 3 needs, but I won’t hold my breath that this one will be any better than the previous two. Most of the stars from the Expendables 1 and 2 are expected to be back, along with a few new additions. The two names that have most frequently been linked to the film are Jackie Chan and Wesley Snipes, who just finished a three year prison stint for tax evasion earlier this month.

Stallone and Millennium will look to begin production this summer and aim for a 2014 release date.