Nicolas Cage is a Bad Ass in the Trailer for David Gordon Green’s Joe

maxresdefault 2 ImageWait… so they made Mud 2 and replaced Matthew McConaughey with Nicolas Cage, then changed his name from Mud to Joe?

Of course, the final product may be very different – but watching this trailer for the new drama Joe, you can’t help but notice the parallels between it and last year’s Mud. Both films feature a similar tone, aesthetic, setting and tell the story of an ex-con’s search for redemption by taking on a guardian angel role to a young boy. And now the most peculiar part – Tye Sheridan plays the young boy in both movies.

Director David Gordon Green has been behind the camera of such raucous comedies as Pineapple Express with Seth Rogen, Your Highness with Danny McBride, and The Sitter with Jonah Hill – but when Green isn’t making stoner comedies, his other forte is in quiet, low-budget character examinations such as George Washington and All the Real Girls. This looks very much in the same vein as the latter.

Here’s the trailer:

  • Bodeanicus

    It’s good to see Cage acting in a real movie, again.