Movie News

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken is Not Easy


Especially when Mr. Heineken is Anthony Hopkins in crazy mode. This is the first trailer for the upcoming action-drama Kidnapping Mr. Heineken, based on true events. … [Read more...]

Simon Pegg is Co-Writing Star Trek 3


Well what do you know, Scotty is gonna co-write the next Star Trek film with Doug Jung. This might very well be Paramount's most inspired decision yet as far as Star Trek goes. … [Read more...]

Behind the Props of the Next Smurfs Movie


Don't click away just yet. As you might know Sony are rebooting The Smurfs and so the next installment will be fully animated, so no more live-action. This video, which is actually quite interesting, … [Read more...]

You Should Check Out Song of the Sea


So technically this movie is in theaters right now in very very limited release, like so limited you could count all the screens on just one hand. This is the US release trailer for the Oscar … [Read more...]

Sean Penn is The Gunman


Such a stupid name for what might ultimately be a pretty awesome action flick, The Gunman. This is the international trailer for Sean Penn's upcoming movie from the director of Taken. … [Read more...]