Movie News

A Look Inside Jurassic World


I can't believe it's really been almost 14 years since the last Jurassic film. Watch a bunch of people you'll probably recognize (like Steven Spielberg) talk about the new one in this inside look at … [Read more...]

The Red Band Trailer for Dope


After a crazy party gone bad a black straight A student ends up with a bag full of drugs, a gun and not a lot of options to get rid of them in the new comedy Dope. … [Read more...]

Sam Raimi, Clips and More from Poltergeist


The new Poltergeist remake is here and so it's now time to maybe watch a few clips from it, as well as a featurette dedicated to the producer (Sam Raimi) and director (Gil Kenan) of this reimagining … [Read more...]

Learn More about Tomorrowland


Tomorrowland is out tomorrow (actually tonight) so let's find out what's the deal with this original Disney flick by watching the four featurettes below. … [Read more...]