New poster for Monsters University

monsters-university-movieMonths ago we got our first glimpse of what Mike and Sully, played by John Goodman and Billy Crystal respectively, looked like back in their college days, but now we are getting a glimpse at a whole gallery of monsters in a new poster for the upcoming Monsters University. Some of the monsters are ones we recognize from Monsters Inc. like Randall played by Steve Buscemi, while plenty of other characters are new to University.

Here is the new poster, which was unveiled by


The new cast members include; Frank Oz, Ben Kingsley, Charlie Day, Helen Mirren, David Spade, Ricky Gervais and even Flick from A Bug’s Life, Dave Foley.The film takes place roughly a decade before Monsters Inc. with Mike and Sully meeting in a frat. The plot sounds somewhat familiar with the pair starting as rivals but eventually becoming friends, but I remain cautiously optimistic about the film, after all even Brave, a sub-par effort by Pixar standards managed to take home Best Animated film at the Oscars.

Monsters University is due out on June 21st.