New Ben-Hur film planned at MGM

ben-hur-imageJust a few mounths ago it looked like MGM was about to go under, but oh how Skyfall and The Hobbit changed all that. The pair made roughly $2 billion worldwide which has reinvigorated the studio, who now plan to make a new version of one of the most epic films of all time, Ben-Hur.

Now there may be those who would think remaking Ben-Hur is sacrilege should recall that the 1959 classic was a remake in itself. The 1959 Ben-Hur was the second version, the original being a 1925 silent film called Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, the same name as the novel it is based on.

Both previous versions have been made by MGM, so it’s nice to see some continuity there. However the new film will not be a direct remake, as MGM sold off the rights to the Ben-Hur films years ago. The new version will be a direct and more faithful adaptation of the book, which by now is public domain.

Each previous version has been hailed as some of the best and most influential films of all time. The book is also considered a classic; it has not been out of print since it was first published in 1880. The script is written by Keith Clark, with John Levin and Sean Daniel as producers, with Clark also acting as executive producer alongside Jason Brown.