New American Psycho adaptation being developed

Remakes have the reputation of provoking emotions of disgust, confusion, and even hilarity among fans, but it really depends on the actual film that happens to be the victim of being remade. After the recent news of a Scarface remake in the works, fans were downright livid with Hollywood and questioned its integrity for making movies, which is absolutely understandable.

How about if that film is a well loved cult classic that has a passionately dedicated group of fans? When handling with that type of group, a remake is the equivalent of declaring war, and the recent film being targeted, according to Variety, is American Psycho.

Yes that’s right, the film that made us aware of Christian Bale’s acting potential as the psychotic yet suave Patrick Bateman, is getting a remake. In fact, Lionsgate has already hired Noble Jones as both writer and director, meaning this is all too real to be just a sick joke. Now the original, even though being released in 2000, was set in the 80’s and did a fantastic job as showing a psychotic version of Wall Street boom and the effects fortune can lead to.

However, the remake will be taking place in the present day, which honestly completely misses the point, taking away from the entire message that both the original book, written by Easton Ellis, and the film adaptation focused on.

The most devastating news of all, though, is the fact that Bale’s performance was all too perfect, giving a psychotic and methodical killing machine a sense of charm and charisma, and ultimately jump starting Bale’s acting career. So to see someone else take over the role of Bateman would just diminish a character that already reached the pinnacle of perfection, making it just an empty attempt to make some quick cash.

Ironically, the original, being a cult classic and all, had a poor return at the box office, only making around $15 million, so with only the diehard fans essentially being aware of the film, it would make it difficult for a new audience to flock to a newer version of the film without being aware of what the actual meaning is, and just thinking it’s a typical horror movie. But alas, the film is being made and someone will fill Bateman’s shoes, but whom?

Well actually Ellis had recently said on his Twitter that “I have warned Lionsgate that I will not approve a new version of “American Psycho” unless it stars SCOTT DISICK or MILES FISCHER.” Disick is definitely the oddball here because, with those of you unfamiliar with him, he’s primarily a reality “star” in Keeping Up With The Kardashians as Kourtney Kardashian’s husband.

Yea, maybe he has had some experience with a little drama in his days and he does have a Bateman-esque look to him, but the lack of actual acting experience is definitely a problem. On the other hand, Fischer, in addition to having true acting experience (ok, maybe a role in Final Destination 5 isn’t that great, but at least it’s something), actually bears a striking resemblance of a young Bale and has even played Bateman in a parody music video entitled “This Must Be The Place,” which you can check out below:

So with that being said, no matter how “perfect” Fischer may be, the remake is still an idea that I definitely don’t support. We’ve all bear witness to what some remakes have done to our favorite films in the past, coming off as just a heartless rehashing, and I have a feeling that this one is no exception.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing quite a bit of news roll out until the film actually starts production, and we’ll no doubt keep you updated. But, unless you’re a supporter of the remake, definitely tread lightly with this one because, if you’re like me, you’ll be needing a lot of convincing in order to accept this.