Mike Myers Joins Inglorious Bastards

Unfortunately, Adam Sandler couldn’t appear in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards, however another comedic actor who goes by the name of Mike Myers can! From The Quentin Tarantino Archives:

Breaking news out of Tarantino land, ladies and gentlemen. Some of you sceptics out there will fume at this news, but I’m getting confirmation that Mike Myers will have a SMALL role in Inglorious Bastards. Myers is the star of Wayne’s World and Austin Powers, and also the recent flop Love Guru. No word yet on what role he might be taking over (maybe Adolf H. himself?), yet the movie seems to have an unlimited supply of cameos and smaller characters.

Myers joins Brad Pitt, Nastassja Kinski, Simon Pegg, David Krumholtz, B.J. Novak and Eli Roth.

In the film, a band of U.S. soldiers facing death by firing squad for their misdeeds are given a chance to redeem themselves by heading into the perilous no-man’s lands of Nazi-occupied France on a suicide mission for the Allies.