Michael Caine reveals The Dark Knight Rises shooting schedule

Sir Michael Caine is always on hand to give people small yet important updates on the next Batman movie, and today in an interview with Empire Caine revealed that the current plan is for the script to be delivered to the cast in January, and then for shooting to take place between May and November.

This would suggest that Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan and David Goyer are still working on the script and will be for another month or two, which is good to know. Nobody wants the next Batman film to suffer from the ‘third film curse’ which has claimed superhero franchises in the past, so a non-rushed approach is welcomed.

At the moment not a lot has been confirmed but it is expected that Christian Bale will be back, as will Caine, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman. Tom Hardy will be a new addition to the cast in a role that has not yet been revealed, and we recently heard that Warner Bros. were looking at a number of actresses for the new female lead (you may remember The Joker blew up the last one).

  • Justin

    Christopher Nolan is a perfectionist! the script for this movie will never be “final” i’m sure he’ll switch up a few thing in the middle of shooting.. I’m really excited for this, This movie is gonna blow us away! I can feel it!

  • Christian

    Rachel Dawes isn’t dead!

    • Justin

      what are you talking about?? she got blown the f*** up LoL! besides.. whats your point? where are you going with this? why would they keep her survival a secret??