Men in Black 4 may have to move forward without Will Smith

men-in-black-4 Earlier this month news hit that Men in Black 4 was in development at Sony thanks to the success of Men in Black 3 last summer ($624 million worldwide). At the time nothing was said about Will Smith’s involvement, but recent quotes from the actor suggest a trilogy is more than enough for him.

Smith recently spoke to Collider about potentially appearing in the next Men in Black film while promoting After Earth:

“I think three is enough for me. Three of anything is enough for me. We’ll look at it and we’ll consider it, but it feels like that it might be time to let someone else do that.”

70% of MiB 3‘s box office revenue came from overseas where Smith is a big draw. Not having Smith on-board could lessen the appeal for some fans of the franchise, but any star is replaceable if the concept works. Sony could always continue the franchise with new actors playing different agents.

Oren Uziel (The Kitchen Sink) will start work on the script after he’s completed the 21 Jump Street sequel for Sony, so we should be hearing more about Men in Black 4 and who is involved sometime next year.