Matt Groening says Simpsons sequel is not a priority

simpsons-movieWhile speaking this Saturday at UCLA’s annual entertainment symposium Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons discused a potential Simpsons sequel and how it was still very far off. He recalled that The Simpsons Movie took nearly four years to make and took quite toll on those making it. David Silverman, the show’s creative director, commented that the movie took animators and other resources away from the show.

Another Simpsons movie will undeniably happen at some point, the show is one of the most successful of all time, it’s already lasted over a quarter of a century and The Simpsons Movie made $500 million. It now seems that another movie may not get here for some time, perhaps not even until the show has ended. Silverman estimated another Simpsons film is still another ten to fifteen years away.

This isn’t all bad news for Simpsons fans however, like with the original, another Simpsons film would cause the show to suffer as a result. Many fans already feel that the show has slipped in quality in recent years and taking away animators to work on a film would only compound the problem.