Lenny Kravitz will star as Marvin Gaye in upcoming biopic

Deadline has reported that the famous singer turned actor, Lenny Kravitz, will play Marvin Gaye in the upcoming biopic about his life, directed by Julien Temple. Kravitz has appeared in supporting roles in The Hunger Games and Precious, but this will mark his first time in a leading role.

The film will center on Gaye’s time trying to kick his drug addictions in the early 80s while in Belgium. Gaye famously and tragically was shot and killed by his father in 1984, following a number of attempted suicides. The biopic, which will begin filming next year, is reported to have the rights sorted out. Problems with acquiring Gaye’s music rights has killed previous Marvin Gaye related projects.

Krazitz will appear in White House drama The Butler directed by Lee Daniels, who previously worked with Kravitz on Precious. Kravitz will also return to his role as Cinna in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which is shooting now.

  • reallycoolname

    So Lenny Kravits is Gay(e)? Doesn’t surprise me: he’s to old to rock’n roll and to young to die! Who would want to watch such a movie? Haven’t all Marvin Gay(e)s fans died of old age by now? And they are sure to get the rights if they focus on his drug addiction!?!?