Jurassic Park IV gets a new title and a new release date

jurassic-park-4Universal Studios has announced that the long awaited fourth Jurassic Park film will be released on June 12th 2015 and will be called Jurassic World. The name of the film is of course derived from Jurassic Park and the second film in the series, The Lost World.

The new release is almost exactly a year after the previous announced release date of June 13th 2014. The new release date and title are certainly steps in the right direction as many have speculated that the film had been canceled.

The film has been in developmental hell for almost a decade and a half as talk began about a fourth movie shortly after the release of Jurassic Park III. Things have been looking up in the past few years as writers and a director have been hired, however the film was delayed shortly after.

Things seem to be back on track now however, and with some luck we should see the dinosaurs back on the big screen, oh and this time around they will be in 3D.