A Jack Reacher sequel is unlikely

jack-reacher-tom-cruise It seems as though Tom Cruise really is human after his latest movie vehicle, Jack Reacher, failed to light up the worldwide box-office and consequently is unlikely to get a sequel. This will come as a bitter blow to Cruise who was aiming to kick-start a grittier thriller franchise based on the novels by Lee Child, and one which is far removed from the high-octane Mission Impossible series.

From The Hollywood Reporter

…sources close to the studio tell THR the movie needs to gross $250 million worldwide for Paramount to consider moving forward with another installment — a challenging goal.

The film’s fate relies on enjoying strong runs in Japan, China and Korea, where it has yet to open. Reacher debuts in Korea later this week, followed by Japan on Feb. 1. The movie is tentatively slotted to open in China on Feb. 16, one week before The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey debuts Feb. 22. It also will have to compete with two Chinese movies that open on Feb. 14 during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Domestically, Reacher isn’t likely to earn more than $85 million, meaning it must do a total of $165 million internationally, or double its current total. And if the film does reach $250 million, Paramount and Skydance must still negotiate a deal with Cruise that would keep the sequel’s budget at roughly the same price, sources say.

It is an absolute shame because the film was excellent and truly highlights Tom Cruise’ very accomplished acting capabilities. Jack Reacher was an intelligent, gritty and hard-hitting movie that has produced solid (but not spectacular) numbers at the box-office. It caters for a mature audience and is one of very few films that deserve a sequel.

Fingers crossed we get one.

  • Sayyaf

    Bit+h Please…. Jack Reacher Budget is 60 Million… And it grosse 150 Million… And after two weeks , its total grossed will be 210 million … So that means this movie is SUPER HIT… nd have POSITIVE REVIEWS from ROTTEN TOMATOES 61%….
    As far as i know , that u r not a fan of TOM CRUISE… so please remove this column…. Or Articles watevarrrrr…. And its sequel will gonna come , and the director also said that there will be a sequel to this movie…

  • Angus

    This movie failed not due to bad acting or a poor story. It failed because Tom Cruise is NOT Jack Reacher, the character that readers of Lee Child books have come to expect. Jack Reacher is 6’7″, 275 lbs with slightly above average looks, which allows him to easily disappear in a crowd. TC is 5’5″, 110 lbs soaking wet, and girls love him.
    Good story, good actor, horrible casting.

    • Sayyaf

      I agree with u ANGUS.. but it doesn’t mean that 6’7,275 lbs.. nd in the movie is different… if u watched CONSTANTINE Movie.. its shown as same as in Jack Reacher movie… But TOM CRUISE is a big star , and i think the character of Jack Reacher in the movie is the best caharacter of 2012..

  • EEMan

    Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher. He’s a good actor but the Reacher in Child’s novels needs an actor who looks the part. It was the only reason I didn’t go see it. I hope they recast the part. I’ll go see it then.