Jack Reacher sequel in the works?

jack-reacher-tom-cruiseTom Cruise has another global hit on his hands after his latest movie, Jack Reacher, crossed $200 million worldwide. Amazingly, this is the 19th time Cruise has achieved this, which is a record-breaking statistic and a true testament of his star-power. Now, Deadline claim that Paramount and Skydance see the Lee Child adaptation as a potential franchise, and a Jack Reacher sequel seems likely.

Here’s what Deadline had to say:

The movie cost $60 million and I am hearing that they are already figuring out the sequel at Paramount and Skydance. Studios are all about franchise building, and some take off financially on the second go-around. There are so many good Reacher books written by Child that there’s a wealth of ground to cover here.

However, there was controversy surrounding the casting of Cruise as the titular character, due to Reacher standing 6’5 inches tall and Cruise only 5’7. However any concerns were quickly quashed when it became clear that the narrative would remain faithful to the gritty source material.

Although the film only grossed $79 million at the US box-office, Jack Reacher was a critical hit that achieved the success it rightly deserved, largely thanks to Cruise’s global appeal.

  • adamfanalways

    Jack Reacher was awesome!

  • arun279

    I liked the first film. I was hoping they would make another. I haven’t read any of the books yet, but there are several so they have lots of stories to choose from.