Iron Man 3 trailer to be released on Facebook

The first Iron Man 3 trailer was originally scheduled to be released at 12:01 on October 23rd, but fans may be getting an early look, so long as they follow the instructions on Facebook. The official Facebook page for Iron Man has a special feature called “Iron Man 3: Fan Power,” which, when it receives enough “likes,” will reveal the sneak peek.

Once clicking on Fan Power from the Iron Man page fans will be greeted with; a picture of Tony’s famous arc reactor, the percentage of likes achieved needed to reveal the clip, and this message:

Tony Stark IS Iron Man! To re-energize Tony’s Arc reactor, “Like” the official Iron Man Facebook page. Every “Like” recharges Tony’s power supply. Once the Arc reactor reaches maximum capacity, you’ll be the first to see a special sneak preview of Marvel’s Iron Man 3!

Iron Man 3 certainly isn’t the first the first film to use a Facebook viral marketing campaign. The cast of Catching Fire was recently announced over Facebook, with only fans who liked the page able to see it.

Iron Man 3 will kick off Marvel’s Phase Two this May, much like the first Iron Man began Phase One in 2008. Iron Man 3 will be the first Iron Man movie not directed by Jon Favreau, however he will be reprising his role as Happy Hogan. Shane Black, director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is taking over.