Iron Man 3 ending revealed?


Warning: Potential Spoilers!

Latino Review claims that Iron Man 3 will act as a tie-in for Guardians of the Galaxy with Tony Stark venturing into space to team up with the titular space heroes. This isn’t really surprising because Marvel have always been one step ahead in terms of linking story lines or introducing audiences to new characters.

So the answer is yes, Tony does go into Deep Space and hooks up with the Guardians.

Also if you haven’t noticed, here is another hint, Tony Stark is currently starring in the Marvel NOW! Guardians of the Galaxy comic book.

This is backed up by an interview with Robert Downey Jr on Entertainment Weekly

But we can’t help it — everywhere you look now in every Marvel movie there are opportunities where certain new pals of his could be useful. So they’re in the atmosphere, so to speak, but I wouldn’t expect to see them on the ground in this one.

Marvel Studios have always exceeded expectations with their roster of movies associated with The Avengers and this tie-in seems no different. By introducing the Guardians into Iron Man 3, they would be ensuring that the film’s titular characters gain maximum exposure amongst its target audience, which in turn, eases the pressure on the marketing campaign.

The danger is that Marvel will eventually have too many characters within the Avengers universe and may risk overcrowding future instalments. These are vital times for the longevity of Marvel’s film franchise, the groundwork has been exemplary but will lesser-known characters be able to capitalise on the momentum?

Let’s hope so.

Iron Man 3 is due for release in the UK on 26th April and in the US on 3rd May 2013.