International Box Office: Thor: The Dark World drops the Hammer with $109 million

thor-dark-world-poster-headA week ahead of its North American release, Thor: The Dark World smashed its competitors with a huge $109 million weekend from just 36 markets.

Marvel’s phase 2 continues with Thor: The Dark World and its enormous $109 million debut. While not quite on the same scale as Iron Man 3 (which ended up at $806 million internationally), this second solo adventure of Thor is playing noticeably better than the first outing. That being said, Thor finished its run with $268.3 million internationally, second only to Iron Man 2 in a pre-Avengers world. Today that same number would not fly. Now Thor: The Dark World is looking at $400-450 million internationally by the time it leaves theaters, so I hope that’s enough for the mouse.


Gravity is still pretty much how it has been for the past month, very very solid. With another $27 million over the weekend, Gravity flew past $200 million internationally. Worldwide ($429.2 million) Gravity is now the highest grossing movie of Sandra Bullock’s career and by this time next week I’ll be able to say the same for George Clooney (Ocean’s Eleven had $450.7 million).

In 3rd we have record breaking Italian comedy Solo a Catinelle which tallied $25 million on its debut. As far as I know, no other movie has ever opened this high (strictly talking dollars) in Italy, be it local or foreign. To put that number into perspective, Iron Man 3 has been leading the year with $20.9 million over there, or more like used to lead. To have a movie open with $10 million would be phenomenal in Italy, but $25 million is downright out of this world.

Turbo with $12.2 million and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 at $11.5 million round out the top 5. Turbo sits at $267.6 million worldwide while Meatballs 2 has $177 million. While neither is breaking any records, at least Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 ($78 million) cost a lot less then Turbo ($135 million).

  • fred

    I think “Thor: The Dark World” definitely reaches 400 million overseas by the end of it’s box office run, a 500 million overseas take is not entirely out the question either, but it would have to be over 300 million overseas by next week for a realistic shot at it.

  • SmileyOfChaos

    It deserved it. I went and watched it yesterday and I considered it even better than The Avengers thanks to the more focused tone of it. I went into the movie not expecting much, as I think the first Thor is the weakest entry in the MCU. But they really pulled out all the stops and Thor 2 is now my favorite of the movies by a wide margin. It had action, comedy, sadness, a grand universal scope, and yet also focused enough to advance the plot of Thor and friends without getting distracted by other characters. It hit and it hit hard…definitely hoping Captain America 2 and The Avengers 2 can rise to the occasion.