International Box Office: The Dark Knight Rises is now the 2nd highest grossing film of 2012

Yes, it took only 3 weeks for the latest Batman flick to become the 2nd biggest film of 2012. With $741.7 million worldwide, The Dark Knight Rises is second only to The Avengers.

Meanwhile Ice Age continued to draw big numbers and Ted, oh boy, Ted is much bigger than anyone could have anticipated.

Just like in North America, The Dark Knight Rises was #1 again internationally (for a 3rd consecutive time) with $66.7 million. $378.4 million is the current international cume, worldwide the number being $741.7 million. Eventually the film should bring in over $1 billion, more than what The Dark Knight grossed in 2008. Right now superheroes seem to be owning the 2012 worldwide top 5, as you can see below.

  1. The Avengers – $1,461.4 million
  2. The Dark Knight Rises – $741.7 million
  3. Ice Age: Continental Drift – $731.1 million
  4. The Hunger Games – $683.9 million
  5. The Amazing Spider-Man – $679.3 million

Ice Age 4, our #2 last weekend, made $33.3 million for a fantastic international total of $596.2 million. The worldwide number can be seen above, quite impressive and well on its way to over $850 million when all is said and done. With close to $2.7 billion in the last 10 years from 4 films, Ice Age is the 2nd most popular big screen animated series of all time (Shrek is still first).

Ted was up 92% in 3rd place with $32.8 million. Currently the foul-mouthed teddy bear has $78 million internationally with over 60 countries that have yet to open the film. At this rate Ted should blow past the $500 million mark worldwide. But for now it will have to settle for $283.3 million, the gross at this point.

Brave was also up, 50% to $19.1 million, that’s $348.2 million worldwide. Among other Pixar films, Brave is last for now.

Madagascar 3 rounds out the top 5 with $17.4 million and a worldwide total of $525.1 million. Back in 2005 Madagascar finished with 532.7 million while the 2008 sequel made $603.9 million. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted should end up around $600 million, making this one of the most successful animated trilogies ever.

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