International Box Office: Can Skyfall reach $900 million worldwide?

There’s no stopping Skyfall. The latest and most successful Bond film yet kept a strong grip on the international box office for another weekend, maintaining the lead over its few competitors (if we can call them that).

Ok, maybe Skyfall is not YET the most successful Bond film but looking at how fast it collects money, I’m thinking that’s gonna change real soon. After an $89 million 3rd weekend, Skyfall is at $429.6 million internationally, just $2 million shy of the Casino Royale series best ($431.6 million). Actually by the time you read this, the new Bond will hold that particular record already. So after opening above expectations in North America over the weekend, Skyfall is now at $538.7 million worldwide and by Sunday it should be at $650 million at the very least. The film is now aiming to finish somewhere between $800 and $900 million worldwide. If the latter happens, it will be a 50% increase over the previous worldwide best, currently held by Casino Royale (2006) with $599 million.

In 2nd place there’s Hong Kong police action flick Cold War with a very impressive $16.8 million opening, mostly coming from China.

Hotel Transylvania was 3rd with $12 million and $130.4 million internationally so far. With a worldwide total of $271.1 million (and still going up), this is now Adam Sandler’s highest grossing film of all time. In a not so surprising move, Sony already announced a release date for the sequel, September 25th 2015. Around the same date next year we’ll be getting Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, another Sony Pictures Animation success story.

Argo doubled its territories to bring in $12 million in 4th place, up 66% from the previous week. That’s good news as the film starts to roll into more theaters around the world over the next couple of weeks. For now it has $27.2 million internationally and $114.2 million worldwide.

Rounding out the top 5 we have Wreck-it Ralph, just like last week. This time it was up 12% with $11.6 million for a 2-week total of $27.8 million internationally and $128.8 million worldwide. $400 million at the end of its run sounds like something Wreck-it Ralph could definitely achieve.

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