International Box Office: Oz is powerful around the world

oz-the-great-and-powerful-movieOz the Great and Powerful opened on top in most of the 46 markets it was available in, totalling $69.2 million. Hansel & Gretel moved to 2nd place while Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons dropped to 3rd.

So Oz did pretty well for itself, $69.2 million is impressive, unfortunately not even close to what Alice in Wonderland did just three years ago. I know it’s not really a fair comparison; Alice was the first 3D film after Avatar, not to mention it had Johnny Deep and Tim Burton, a combo that proved very profitable in the past. Alas, if we take into consideration the $162.4 million Oz already has worldwide, Sam Raimi and James Franco make a good team too. Now based on past similar performers at the box office, Oz the Great and Powerful should finish its run anywhere from $550 to $700 million worldwide. I know that’s a wide margin but believe me, it doesn’t get more exact then that after less than a week in theaters.

Hansel & Gretel moved from 3rd to 2nd with $11.5 million. So that brings the movie’s total to $142.5 million internationally and a damn impressive $197 million worldwide. Warner should take notes here from Paramount, this is how you do these kind of movies, and by that I mean cheap (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters cost just $50 million compared to the 195 million of Jack the Giant Slayer).

journey-to-the-west02Chinese mega blockbuster Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons came in 3rd with $10.1 million after dominating the charts for the past couple of weeks. Since opening at the beginning of February, the film made more than $191.5 million in China.

A Good Day to Die Hard was 4th with $8.9 million for an international total of over $177 million. Worldwide the R-rated action flick stands at $240.8 million, more than doubling its $92 million production budget.

In other notable news, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is now $10 million past the $1 billion mark, so really $1.01 billion worldwide is what I’m trying to say. Life of Pie also passed a milestone, $600 million to be more exact. That’s how much the film grossed worldwide to date, making it almost as successful for director Ang Lee as the combined totals of his three previous best (Hulk with $245.4 million, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon at $213.5 million and Brokeback Mountain‘s $178.1 million). Either way Life of Pi is crazy popular and deserves every last penny if you ask me.