International Box Office: Life of Pi nears $500 million

life-of-pi Ang Lee’s 3D adventure has turned into quite a hit around the world, by far the biggest of his career actually. This also happens to be the 2nd weekend Life of Pi finished on top, no easy task against the box office juggernaut that is The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Life of Pi collected $34.9 million this past weekend for an international total of $359.1 million. That number makes this the 11th highest international grosser of 2012 and soon enough it will move up to 10th place. Worldwide the flick is at $454.4 million, so 13th overall for 2012 (will eventually beat Ted for #12). In previews, while extremely beautiful, Life of Pi certainly didn’t look like the kind of film that would end up making over half a billion around the world, so on that end I think we can mark this as one of the surprises of last year.

Not a surprise is having yet another Chinese film on here. The Grandmaster is at #2 with a $26.8 million opening. And now since we are at the subject of Chinese movies, it might be interesting to note that Lost in Thailand is currently at $193 million after just a month in theaters, well on its way to become the highest grossing film ever in China (currently Avatar leads with over $220 million).


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey passed another threshold, $600 million internationally. Yes, with the help of $26.2 million coming from the weekend, this hobbit is now at $609.3 million internationally. That’s actually more than Fellowship of the Ring or Two Towers mustered over the course of their respective box office runs. On the worldwide front Bilbo and his gang of dwarfs sit on top of an $889.6 million cume. With the film opening in China this week (against Skyfall), $1 billion is guaranteed at this point.

Les Miserables had its best weekend yet with $25.5 million at #4. So far the musical has made $115.1 million internationally and $235.8 million worldwide.

Rounding out the top 5 was Jack Reacher, the latest Tom Cruise action flick, with $18 million. Now while Paramount might have announced that a sequel is out of the question for now, it doesn’t mean Jack Reacher wasn’t a hit in its own right. Made for around $60 million, the film grossed $154.5 million worldwide in less than a month. By the end of its run, it will probably finish north of $200 million.

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    We would have never thought Life of Pi would be this successful. The visual aesthetics within the movie are amazing. There is demand for artsy movies such as Life of Pi. Great box office rundown.

  • Mallika Arjun