International Box Office: Hangover Part 3 trumps Fast and Furious 6

the-hangover-part-iii-imageIt was a close one this past weekend around the world with the 3rd Hangover film besting Fast 6 by about $7 million. Now 7 might sound like a lot, but we’re talking big numbers here, both films earning over $75 million. Obviously, Hangover Part 3 would be no match for Fast & Furious 6 in its opening weekend, so take this win with a grain of salt.

After the rather amazing international performance of The Hangover Part 2 in 2011 ($332.3 million), great things were expected out of the 3rd one. Now we know the film underperformed in North America, fortunately for Warner Bros. that wasn’t the case internationally with an $82.3 million weekend. After almost 2 weeks in theaters, the comedy banked $110.7 million for a worldwide total of $202.7 million, just about doubling its $103 million budget. Yes, this ain’t as good as The Hangover or successful like The Hangover Part 2, nevertheless, a final gross in the neighborhood of $350 million will make Part 3 a very profitable project. Just don’t expect Part 4 anytime soon, if ever.

fast-furious-7-movieFast & Furious 6 on the other hand is still running on a full tank of gas, no signs of any leaks here. $75 million in a 2nd weekend is well out of reach for most franchises, even more so those that have been around as long as this one. $310.2 million internationally and an incredible $487.7 million worldwide are proof that these cars are faster than ever and Universal made the right call when they started production on Fast 7 before the current one opened. Even critics seem to have warmed up on the series since the days of 2 Fast 2 Furious, Fast & Furious 6 sporting a 72% certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes (Fast 5 had 78% and before that each and every single one was rotten).

Star Trek Into Darkness moves up thanks to a few high profile debuts that pushed the sci-fi epic to $37.6 million. Although with $147.4 million internationally Into Darkness passed its predecessor ($128 million) for a new series high, I can’t stop feeling disappointed that it didn’t breakout the way it should have around the world. Star Trek Into Darkness is arguably the best big budget flick of the year (so far) yet it still can’t seem to find that huge audience it deserves. A month ago I was expecting at least $600 million worldwide from Into Darkness, now I’ll have to settle for about $500 million.

Epic keeps rolling into a few more markets, now with $28.5 million from 56 territories. The Blue Sky animation took $84.8 million internationally and $153.2 million worldwide thus far, very much on the lower end for their stuff (a little better than the 2005 Robots, but that’s at the bottom).

The Great Gatsby rounds out the top 5 at $22.6 million for an international take of $120 million. Worldwide the adaptation has $250.2 million, making it the top grossing Warner Bros. movie of the year (at least until The Hangover Part 3 overtakes it next week).