International Box Office: Fast and Furious 6 passes $320 million

fast-furious-7-movieSince the 6th entry in the fast and very furious series already doubled its budget in little over a week, one could definitely talk about opening with a bang. And what a bang that was, a new international record for Universal Pictures and the 2nd highest debut of the year.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Fast & Furious 6 is doing pretty darn well at the box office, raking money faster than any previous feature in the 101 year history of Universal Pictures (unadjusted for inflation), let alone past Fast and Furious films. So how much did it actually pull? Well, $161.3 million over the weekend from 59 countries. After about 7 days around the world, Fast & Furious 6 totals $197 million. Once we add the film’s North American gross, what we get is a cume of $322 million. Since the action flick cost $160 million (on the low-end of blockbuster budgets these days), Universal Pictures will turn a very nice profit, more than enough to pay for Fast and Furious 7, 8 and maybe a bit of 9 too. Now whether they should go that far is another discussion entirely, but we’ll get Fast 7 at the very least, next year.

great-gatsbyThe Great Gatsby brought $24.1 million from 50 countries, bringing its total to $85.6 million internationally. Worldwide the adaptation stands at $206.3 million, almost doubling its $105 million budget.

Fox and Blue Sky’s Epic took $23.9 million from 35 markets, for an international total of $42.9 million and $88 million worldwide. Decent result thus far for a new IP, not to mention the animation only cost $100 million (as we’ve come to expect from Blue Sky).

The Hangover Part III opened with $19 million from just 3 territories, the UK being its strongest at $9.2 million. The pick has $88.6 million worldwide ahead of its expansion into over 50 new countries this upcoming weekend.

Iron Man 3 rounds out the pack thanks to $17.4 million, which puts its amazing international haul at $774.8 million. That’s $1.15 billion worldwide, 5th best of all time (most likely remaining so, Deathly Hallows Part 2 being out of reach at $1.34 billion).