International Box Office: Django Unchained wins 3rd consecutive weekend

Django-Unchained-27The R-rated spaghetti western from writer-director Quentin Tarantino is a genuine beast at the box office. After just 3 weeks in theaters (all on top) the international take of Django Unchained already eclipsed the film’s North American gross. Meanwhile Hansel and Gretel moved up a spot.

Django is really unchained at the box office, this time with a $30.2 million weekend, enough to push the flick as high as $158.2 million. Worldwide Django Unchained has amassed $309.8 million and based on its really strong legs so far, I’d say $400 million looks like a done deal. That’s great for just about any genre, but for a western it’s damn outstanding.

In 2nd Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters got $16.6 million which brings its total to around $62.2 million internationally. The delayed R-rated actioner has doubled its $50 million budget worldwide, all in 3 weeks (2 in North America). By the end of its run, Hansel and Gretel should move at least $200 million worldwide. Like it or not, it’s halfway there now.

Lincoln was 3rd, surprisingly strong with $13.2 million. Now don’t get me wrong, from 43 markets, $13.2 million ain’t exactly breaking records, but one must first take into consideration the very limited international appeal of a movie about a US president. Yes, even one as popular as Mr. Abraham Lincoln. So far the 16th president of the United States biopic has $32.5 million internationally and $203.7 million worldwide, which makes Lincoln by far the highest grossing president biopic of all time (not that there was much competition).

CLOUD ATLASCloud Atlas finally showed its teeth in 4th with $11.9 million. The latest Wachowski project grossed $102.4 million worldwide since its debut at the end of October, last year.

Les Miserables rounds out the top 5 at $11.4 million. The $61 million (hard to believe) period musical made $198.4 million internationally and a total of $340.3 million worldwide. Among past musicals, Les Miserables ranks 3rd all-time (by the time you read this it will have beaten Enchanted and its $340.4 million) and it could potentially go as high as 2nd place (Grease finished with $394.9 million but Mamma Mia at $609.8 million is ridiculously out of reach for the #1 spot).