International Box Office: Battleship fends off Titanic

In this situation James Cameron could say “you sank my ship” since that’s just what the board game inspired Battleship did last weekend around the world. But in just a few days The Avengers opens in most foreign markets and I believe that’s when both Battleship and Titanic will forever get lost in the depths of the international box office.

Battleship drew $60 million in its 2nd weekend in release for a total of $131.1 million internationally. That’s a good tally so far for the expensive ($200 million) sci-fi flick. I can see this doing at least $120 million more around the world so whether or not it can double its budget, is a question that will probably be answered May 18th when the film opens in North America.

Titanic 3D dropped to 2nd place with $33.6 million and brings its international re-release total to a hefty $225.3 million ($105.2 million coming from China). Here’s an interesting little fact, that total makes Titanic 3D the highest foreign grosser of 2012 so far, kind of mind blowing if you remember this is a movie first released in 1997. The James Cameron epic now sits at $2,121.8 million worldwide making Titanic the 2nd film ever to pass the $2 billion mark. Sure, it took its time but the sinking ship finally got there. To beat Avatar, Titanic needs “just” $660.5 million more.

The Hunger Games finished the weekend in 3rd with $14.5 million bringing the popular book adaptation to a $217 million foreign total. Worldwide Katniss Everdeen has taken $575 million and it should pass the $600 million mark sometime next week.

American Reunion was 4th grossing $10.1 million which means the Stifmeister and co. have made 56.7 million internationally for a worldwide of $105.7 million. That’s still less than half of what prior installments collected so unfortunately this might be the last time we’ll hear about dos and don’ts from Jim’s Dad.

Wrath of the Titans rounds out the top 5 with $8.8 million. The disappointing sequel to an already disappointing remake has made $202 million internationally thus far, a good deal less then what was expected from it. Worldwide, the flick sits at $278.5 million and it should eventually crawl its way to $300 million.

  • Cristian M.

    For me all this movies are a big hit except  Titanic and only because its a remake to 3D and nothing more than that.