How Avatar was made: A 22 minute behind the scenes look

Do you have 22 minutes free? If not, I suggest you make yourself available for the foreseeable future as Yahoo! has released a 22 minute behind the scenes featurette which shows us…how Avatar was made, basically.

We see James Cameron and the cast in an Hawaiian rainforest in order to get a better grasp at what it would be like to be on Pandora. We are taken through all the stages of the film making process, from Zoe Saldana training for her role as Neytiri, to James Horner crafting his score for the film. It’s definitely a must see for those who loved the film, and even for those who didn’t.

After watching that it just re-enforces why Avatar won the Golden Globe earlier this week for best film, and why it will hopefully win a bunch of Oscars in a few weeks time. While I love Inglourious Basterds and all those other contenders as much as the next guy, a lot more time and effort went into making Avatar. And while it didn’t have the best screenplay out of the bunch, it definitely made up for it in terms of visual effects and just generally setting a benchmark in terms of film making.

  • jamesholding

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    Joliese Tan

  • Henrieta

    This man is genius!

  • schmoe

    they put a lot of effort into Ishtar too

  • alhunter

    Best Movie of the last century

  • Robert's avatar

    Very but very very impresionant.Greets to you james,you were maked your avatar,my

  • Kathleen

    I thought the film was wonderful on every level but seeing this reinforces my opinion that Cameron is a genius and that this deserves any and all awards if only for the innovation. I am more impressed with the performances now because this was not simply CGI….the actors ACTED and that impressed me as well as explained why it was so easy to forget it was CGI. Bravo. Hope this mini doc is on the DVD release.

  • Don't you want to know…

    If one of the people involved in this film happens to see this (or if someone wants to pass it along to them-hint hint) I have a cool idea for some types of fish in the next film. You say that it will have more to do with the Ocean so………..Here's some ideas
    A type of fish/dolphin that looks like a dolphin but is thinner and longer and is orange-red striped and when threatened it grows 4 inch spikes out of it's main torso. No name yet….
    An sea plant thats more like an upside down jelyfish but is huge- if you find your way to the center with out being killed you can connect with Eywa, like an under water Tree of Souls. It would have dangerous toxins on it and would kill you within ten seconds if you were touched by it. Call it the Soul Killer but there isnt a direct translation into Na'vi yet.
    Can't think of anything else right now but I thought these were good!