Hollywood Actors In Commercials

Most Hollywood actors do not do much advertising in the US, as it can often be seen as selling out and their credibility will probably be lowered. However, it is common for them to take up advertising offers in other parts of the globe. Countries such as Japan are known for throwing millions of $$$ at famous actors and actresses to advertise their products, even if they only appear in the commercial for a few seconds. Just today I have seen a number of actors appear in advertisements here in the UK, so I thought I would put a collection together of those Hollywood actors who make lots of $$$ appearing in commercials, whether it be in the US or overseas.

Jackie Chan sells children’s clothes

Eva Longoria sells ice cream

Arnold Schwarzenegger sells a Japanese drink

Nicolas Cage sells…errr….pianos?

Angelina Jolie sells eye make-up

Pierce Brosnan sells cosmetics

Uma Thurman sells fast broadband

Samuel L. Jackson sells cable TV

Halle Berry sells chocolate

Ewan McGregor sells a mens fragrance

Natalie Portman sells shampoo

Brad Pitt sells cars…

…as does George Clooney…

…and Bruce Willis

Kate Beckinsale and Orlando Bloom sell jeans…

…as do Claire Danes and Patrick Wilson

Samuel L. Jackson sells bank accounts

Nicole Kidman sells Nintendo DS…

…as does Patrick Stewart and Julie Walters

Jennifer Aniston sells Heineken