The Call 2 – Sequel Plans

_M9C4731.CR2 When The Call opened at #2 in March with a $17.1 million opening weekend it surprised quite a few people, mainly because Halle Berry hadn’t had a hit in a number of years (Cloud Atlas did so-so) and the R rating put a limit on who could actually see the film.

Despite this The Call has held strong over the weeks and it is expected to make around $50 million by the end of its US run, plus there’s the international roll out over the upcoming months. As the film cost just $13 million to make it’s already a hit for Sony, and a sequel to The Call may be on the cards.

According to Variety the thriller, directed by Brad Anderson, is WWE Studios’ top-grossing film to date (they co-produced and financed with Troika Pictures while TriStar distributed) and WWE Studios head Michael Luisi is now considering the prospects of The Call 2, saying the film “exceed our most optimistic forecasts”.

The Call follows Halle Berry’s character as a 911 operator, so the sequel could follow a number of paths as 911 operators have to deal with many situations. However, as the formula works I wouldn’t be surprised if they stuck with the serial killer storyline (played by Michael Eklund in the film) and play up the scares, which was one of the key selling points for audiences.

Berry is currently gearing up to play Storm once again in X-Men: Days of Future Past (which will have to work around her recently announced pregnancy), so a sequel to The Call could enter development late-2013 or early 2014.

  • Bella

    Great Movie, though kind of disturbing.

  • Matthew


    • deseriessancho

      the Michael Foster escapes kills the Casey Welsonand kidnaps Jordan Turner

      • Dean

        that’s a terrible idea because by then Michael Foster would’ve been dead down there

  • Tristan Zerafa

    Of course they will make a sequel. There is a reason why the writers didn’t want to kill Michael. The way I see it, Michael will be rescued by his wife. His wife knows about “the cottage he has been renovating”, so she will go looking for him after he doesn’t return home. Because Jordan and Casey have decided to keep it “their secret” and reveal that Jordan “found Casey in the woods”, and Michael “disappeared”, Michael’s wife will figure out something isn’t right when Michael’s body isn’t discovered. The writers will make sure that Jordan and Casey don’t find out the Police visited Michael’s wife, because both of their characters will be smart enough to realise that his wife will probably know where to find him. If Jordan and Casey were to discover the Police visited Michael’s wife asking for his whereabouts, the two girls would have no option than to go back and kill Michael before he is discovered.

    I also believe that Casey’s friend should have some role to play in the sequel. I’m not sure exactly what, but I’m sure the writers can figure out something. And it would be good if it is revealed that the gas station attendant didn’t burn to death, and that someone was able to rescue him before he burnt to charcoal. We didn’t see him die, so it is an option. Although I reckon it would have been a better story line if Casey didn’t see the gas station attendant, because you could have a fascinating ending in the sequel that shows the gas station attendant recovering from burns in hospital, only to end up saving Casey from being scalped/murdered. The twist here could have been that Casey knows him (perhaps the daughter of her friend from the Mall).


    This movie is AWESOME! SEQUEL NOW!

  • Heidi

    I want to see the sequel start with Jordan and Casey at the movies sharing a large popcorn!!

    • Ricky

      that’s a good idea

  • Tom Casey

    Great movie. Was really surprised.