Guy turns himself into an Avatar

After going to see Avatar (like just about everyone) a guy called Peter Ammentorp decided he wanted to be blue too, and he didn’t need a $200+ million budget to achieve it. Just photoshop. Watch below!

  • Steevoger

    Avatar really has a big hype or impact in the artists world. Like on Deviantart (site I'm regularly on and posting myself) everyone turns himself blue and a lot of fanart is being produced.
    Really has become something more then just magic for a LOT of people.
    I think Moviegoers werent so impressed with it…but just like with Titanic the mainstream audience diggs it like a “Lady Gaga song written by j.K Rowling and produced by Michael Bay”

  • Lockdown

    That guy has some photoshop skills, ya know it.

  • PZ

    This looks shopped, I can tell by some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few shops in my time

  • pzakjfo

    This looks shopped, I can tell by some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few shops in my time

  • Liam

    It is photoshopped. That's the whole point.

    • 3trrri

      wat’s to be photoshopped!

  • rosinbackrider

    you are retarded. DUUH its photoshopped!!! watch the video, it shows the guy photoshopping it.

  • facebook-1428762859

    you guys are retarded, he was joking!

  • BuddhaRocks

    Didn't they do that to Paul Giamatti in “Big Fat Liar”?

  • Anon

    RTFM and know your memes

  • rosinbackrider

    YOU are retarded for thinking hes joking

  • Chris Soong

    I turned my dog into Avatar too…. lol

  • rosinbackrider

    i cant see, your privacy settings wont let me. put it on photobucket or something

  • hhha

    YOU are retarded for thinking hes thinking his joking

  • rosinbackrider

    YOU are retarded for thinking i was thinking he was thinking he was thinking he was joking

    • anon

      all four of you are retarded

      • i agree

      • Lounis Yousfi

        You are retarded, they are only 3

        • Howl

          Well, now there’s 4 retards

  • attu

    hi nice info

  • Nameless

    yeah he did it nice, but why the urge like many others to look like an avatar?

  • mosquis

    With that big nose, it's too easy to become an avatar !

  • rosinbackrider

    no his nose is perfect :)

  • Jinky Williams

    Agreed with Anon: Some people need to get to know their memes.

  • luvjonathon

    hes hot to begin with! wow! what a stunning face

  • Jonatheeen

    where is the feline nose?

  • El Duro

    wow that guy has some skills in photoshop

  • atspangler

    Cool story bro

  • U.N. Owen

    This jack-ass wasted his time…to turn himself into a STATIC PICTURE. Idiot.

  • Avatarus

    Too good. However, just a minor comment, the nose is still too “human” imo.. It needs to be expanded on the trunk or the upper part. Should look like a rectangle.

  • Bonda

    amazing.. i like & i'll share it of u dun mind =)

  • justamiss

    he's kinda cute i think!

  • Steffan

    Hats off :)

  • isa

    that sure is a pretty boy. nice photoshop, too.

  • addicted

    whatever. the guy's HOT. human, avatar. still HOT.

  • goddamnit

    i hate avatar

  • Chaice Eion Regime

    What you said!

  • Nao

    Takes skill. Im proud of you :) x

  • Pheromones

    Very Cool,

    What was the music used?

  • The Padrino Dot Com

    This site reminds me of the onion dot com lol

  • Amore2me

    they had no right

  • Jess_A

    No kidding it’s shopped. What did you expect? Real? LMAO.

  • bribri

    haha thats to kewl! ;D