George Miller Officially Off Justice League

Director George Miller confirmed on a Sydney-based morning talk show this morning that he is no longer involved with the Justice League movie in any capacity.

From Dark Horizons:

According to scooper ‘Steve’ he says that Miller indicated that if the project does get going again, he expects that it’ll be recast as “the studios seem to want bigger stars in their superhero movies now.”

Miller must be disappointed, as he tried his hardest to get it made. He attepted to get it filmed in Australia so it could benefit from the same tax benefits as Baz Lurhmans Australia, however that was rejected. There was also some negative buzz surrounding the casting and the use of characters such as Batman and Superman, who already have movies of their own. The fact that this movie has ground to a halt is a good thing.

From what we have heard it looks like DC and Warner Bros intend to follow Marvel’s lead by giving characters their own movies, then joining them up for the group movie. From the looks of things Green Lantern will be first on the list, as production could start sometime next year.