Game of Thrones Season 2 available to pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray

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With Game of Thrones Season 2 now over fans have a whole year to wait until Season 3 airs, but the impending wait may be softened today by the fact Amazon has made Season 2 available to pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray.

No release date has been set and no special features have been revealed, but HBO will likely replicate the release window of Season 1 so we can expect a March 2013 release date for Season 2 (ahead of the show returning in April).

The pre-order links from Amazon are below:

As well as the returning cast, Season 2 also starred Gwendoline Christie as the female warrior Brienne of Tarth, Liam Cunningham as the former smuggler Ser Davos Seaworth, Oliver Ford Davies as Maester Cressen, Stephen Dillane as would-be king and Robert’s brother, Stannis Baratheon, and Carice van Houten as Melisandre of Asshai.

Game of Thrones has been averaging 10.3 million viewers per episode this season in the US (including DVR, HBO Go, and HBO on Demand), and is the most pirated show of 2012 with over 25 million downloads this year, which just shows how much demand there is for the series based on the best-selling “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels by George R.R. Martin.

  • Silver Fang

    I wish HBO wouldn’t torture us for six months. Making people wait only hurts them since those who really want the episodes find ways to get them.

  • Funstuff

    Much too long to wait, I’ll have to watch them via “other” methods. Who thinks in the marketing department of hbo that waiting 6 months is a good idea?

    • dfick123

      you people are silly, waiting until the next season is almost out to release the dvd is a wat yo reinvigorate interest in the show right before its return

  • Joanna Seifert

    This really is bad marketing, why on earth do we need to wait so long for it to be released on dvd, its no wonder people get this by other means.
    Great show, come on HBO,get this out asap, I cant think aof a single good reason not to.

    • BIll


  • Fieldingb

    Going to watch somewhere else. Just lost my $40.00 HBO….

    • Doo bang va jay jay

      I’m interested in knowing these “other” methods. I simply cannot wait. HBO are a bunch of clowns for making us all wait. could you help me out??

  • Geaross

    So annoying! Will have to read the book!

    • poco

      Read the book they are great!! will find another means to get the show!!

  • GO faster

    NO why this slow. game of thrones season is a beast!

  • GO faster

    other means IT IS

  • Jonas

    Ha, I’m not going to wait until then. Gotta love pirates.

    • Matthew

      You’re right. You gotta love people who help good shows get cancelled.

      • Bre

        The only ones responsible for getting shows cancled are the greedy marketing directors who make the show, which has already aired, come out half a year later.

  • Africa


  • AZ

    wtf is this like 10 years ago, when dvds and series came out 6 months to a year after the last episode or when the movie released in the theatre. Come on people, THIS IS 2012!

    • Johnny B Gone

      I believe it’s bc HBO have sold the rights to the pay tv channel. They make more money that way bc people will illegallyd download no matter when it’s released, but now they’ll be stealing from pay tv, not from HBO.

  • Phil

    Haha, amusing how everyone is so annoyed they keep rephrasing the same issues. Does HBO not react to feedback like this?!?! : O / XD.. I cant believe how easy it is to stream the episodes “Illegally.” took me 15 secs to find several links..
    Who keeps track of their favorite shows per weekly television sessions nowadays?! You buy the DVD or you stream it.. Bummer for HBO, how most enthusiasts will just stream the show for free.. You could hire most fools to make less a mess of things.. Seriously though, How much revenue will HBO loose in their DVD sells.. I imagine it could have been huge for Game of Thrones.. PLEASE FIX THIS RIDICULOUS FAIL, HBO!!!

  • Mark

    I have to agree with the others. It doesn’t make sense why HBO is waiting until next March to release the DVD version. They should strike while the iron is hot.

  • NJose of Nyack

    March 2013??? all I can say is yohoho and a bottle of rum. I even bought a legit version of season 1. The marketing folks at HBO are living in the 1990s.

  • Edge

    Well doesn’t that just take the cake? Nobody want’s to wait and I don’t blame them. My dad, of all people, got me hooked on Season 1 which I bought, and now I’ll just get the books instead of waiting. HBO!, give the people what they want, and loyality will be your reward.

  • Moises Juarez

    This is pathetic!

  • Ranylt

    Come on, HBO–at least give us December ’12 and make a tidy Christmas-sales profit for yourselves.

    Also, if you think you need a DVD release to up the froth for the S3 airing, you’re as mad as Aerys.

    • Inkwash

      That’s exactly what I don’t get. A pre-Christmas release would have them laughing to the bank, and give us all a merry Christmas.
      Think about it, marketeers. Please.

  • brennan

    This wedding is horse shit!

  • unknown

    A Black Friday release date in 2012 makes even better sense.

    • anon non-HBO subber

      Pre-Black Friday release would be a huge win!
      I don’t sub to HBO, and bought Season 1 soon as I could.
      Don’t see myself waiting another 5-6 months for season 2. Nuff said.

  • SmarterthanMost

    Ya cheap bastards. I already preordered my GoT s2 on bluray. I’ll gladly support HBO n GG Martin for their mature tv shows n excellent quality stories.

    • tiredofwaiting

      I wanna support them aswell. but as it is said several times here, they are making it hard too actually support them. I have season 1 on bluray and i have lost count on how many times ive seen it and i love the show. but i have to say its tempting to get it other ways rather then wait untill march 2013

  • Zar

    Waiting till next year is why people pirate…

  • Mrs. Snow

    I can’t wait that long. I will just buy GOT Season 2 from the UK on eBay. Yeah I’ll pay an extra few dollars, but well worth it.

    • john

      not yet released in uk

  • saulo cj7

    Hey, I just got the second season in 5 DVDs, why do I have to wait 6 moths????!!

  • Nick Wilsdon

    Very happy to see that blinkbox has signed a deal with HBO for Game of Thrones series 2. Saves us poor UK folk waiting until 2013!

  • Shannon Shaw

    Some show release the previous season as sooon as that season is over (or repeated, I mean had their “encore performance”) but a lot of shows wait until a week or so before the NEXT season premieres. I never understood that thinking, with Samllville ro Walking Dead

  • Ken M

    HBO you really need to look into a different marketing group – you are getting really bad advice about when to release the DVD of each season of Game of Thrones. I’m a marketer in L.A. Calif and I can only speculate on the dollar amount you are missing out on by waiting until March of 2013 to release Season 2. Many of the comments in this space are right on the money – release date should be Christmas of 2012 ! ! ! Your entire group of marketing people need to be fired – and while you’re at it – fire the people that are listening to them ! !

  • jesse

    wow i dont even have hbo and now i have to wait until then

  • rossyossy

    just to different .. good things come to those who wait

  • d.paddock

    please,please,hbo get your act together and let have season 2 out for xmas 2012.

  • Phillipa Dixon

    i have just watch all of season 1 in 1day for the first time ever seeing it and wow. but then i think its on dvd so there must be season 2 out but no im itiching to see it. and have to say im fealling really bad cos all you other fans have allready waited this long. its achristmas gift must have but o wait its after christmas we’ll be getting it. have to say HBO your a bit of a let down.

  • magnolialover

    Yeah, this long release date between end of the season and the DVDs might just drive me to see it “some other way”. I’ll still buy the DVDs when they come out, but I’d love to be able to see the season now.

  • Bree

    You guys are a bunch of babies. If it’s that important just buy the books or reread the books. How long do you think the book readers (that have been fans since the 1990s) waited for the newest one?!

    • stein1214

      Exactly Bree…try waiting about 6 years for the next season.

      • Pia

        Lol! And looks like we might be waiting at least another 6 years (sigh)

    • Tart

      Books shmucks

  • Eric

    Waiting until spring for the release accomplishes two things:
    1. It removes G of T from the rest of the holiday release competition.
    2. It provides a hype builder right before season three starts.

    Those people that pirate movies/ music don’t need an excuse to do so, and the fans of the show won’t leave due to a delayed release. HBO has been successful for a very long time. It is ignorant to believe that they have not given the idea of when the best release date would be due diligence.

    On the other hand, I will be waiting impatiently as well :)

    • Olaf

      Still a bad move. What about people that cannot watch HBO? I live in Europe, I happily bought the first season on DVD, and I’m certainly not the only one.

      But now I have to wait six months for a chance to watch the second season legally? I honestly believe in supporting the show, I’d buy it if it were available. If it’s not, well, call it an excuse if you will, but I’m not waiting.

      • Yvonne

        Ditto Olaf

    • Yolkum

      It’s a horrible marketing plan, but HBO is full of them. This is much like the idea that only HBO subscribers can get a subscription to HBO online, instead of selling it to anyone with internet access. They are still living in 1984. They either catch up or they will be left behind.

  • Lisa

    Just finished watching season 1 (the complete set was a gift from our daughter). Since we don’t subscribe to HBO due to monetary reasons, it would be nice to have season 2 available for gift giving for the holidays. Just saying……BTW, absolutely love, love, love the show.

  • Neil

    They should release it in time for the Christmas market- more sales= more people watching= more money to keep making great shows!

  • Malice_Unarmed

    I really hate how it takes forever to release some of the BluRay’s, Spartacus takes quite awhile as well. I absolutely love this series and if you haven’t read the novels then you really are missing out on something special, I prefer the audio books.

  • Jimmi lamb

    Me and my girlfriend sarah are massive fans of the books and the show. Please hurry up with the release of season two! Why wait till 2013 thats just crazy! Thank you

  • Jules

    I’ve READ the series, but’ve only seen & own season 1 on blu-ray. (Holding out until 2013, HBO, seems to be backfiring &inspires many to turn to piracy:/.) Fortunately, its author George R.R. Martin, not HBO, providing this story! Go ahead and read the books & not wait for HBO. Not only is it way cheaper than cable, it puts you AHEAD of HBO’s game!!!

  • Tom

    The young generation!!??!! The generation of instant gratification!! Can’t wait!!! Have you guys never heard of ANTICIPATION? Wait for it! Waiting is NOT a reason to resort to illegal means. If no one buys the DVD why will HBO continue to produce these great shows? And how about George R. R. Martin. How can you not suppor the author who labored for years to bring us this great fantasy tale?

    • Mark

      Instant gratification is not the issue here. We are past anticipation here. We are about 6 months from season 3. There is NO reason that we should need to wait until 2013 for the previous season.

  • Yvonne

    Christmas is coming up, surely it would have been more prudent for the marketing execs to put season 2 out for general release now rather than waiting until March 2013, that’s bad financial marketing. As to the new series commencing in April, surely that’s when advertising comes in to play not sales marketing…. seems the powers that be have yet again got it all wrong with an excellent show and it’s us the fan who lose out! Then they wonder why they cancel shows FFS

  • Yolkum

    one word for HBO…


    that’s all they are achieving by making everyone wait forever for each season.

  • John McCabe

    I’ve actually already preordered this on Blu-Ray, but as others have noted, because of the long wait, I may need to cancel the order and get it from other means. It seems like HBO still hasn’t figured out thta he show-viewing audience is not the same as the audience of above five years ago or earlier – there’s simply no tolerance for a long wait like this. At the same time, I’m one a new breed of people who are happy to buy the show if it’s out in a reasonable time. I even pay for shows via iTunes that are currently airing on TV, just to avoid the annoying commercials. The only loser in that scenario are the stupid Cable/Satellite ‘service’ providers who actually don’t provide any service. I wish I could just watch what I want, when I want and pay for it.

  • Warlord Steve

    Can’t understand why HBO don’t release a basic version for Xmas and a special edition version in March, just before the new season. They could then have 2 bites at the cherry. I’m sure some fans would buy both especially if there was limited edition material in the special edition. Simples

  • Michael

    Wow, so I’m not the only one scratching his head… I pre-ordered this from Amazon back in mid-August and they keep emailing me asking if I still want to wait or cancel the order. Thankfully they don’t charge until it’s actually shipped!

    For such a great station as HBO to have such fools running their marketing department is a shame. I’ve now read the entire 5 volumes and have really lost interest in seeing season 2, which is 3 “seasons” behind what I’ve already read.

    And to TOM, I’m not from the generation of entitlement. At almost 50 I’m usually patient, but come on, this is 2012 and I know there are bootleg copies out there being sold out of China. If you snooze you loose – both fans and sales!

  • dave uk

    what a stupid bunch these people are ,it should be out for xmas so people will not lose interest ,they should all be sacked. dave 58 uk and sick

  • Rich

    Damn.I just purchased episode one on blue ray and was hoping to get season 2.Wtf?Wish I would have not of purchased the first one.Aw well.

  • Fahad

    The release date for the blu ray pack is set to be in February, 2013. This is gonna be one helluva waiting time!

  • dog

    direct tv on demand has it, online also

  • Tart

    Books shmucks.

  • Swearengen’s gleet

    HBO screwed us over when they killed Deadwood. Now their ridiculous dvd release strategy is pissing fans of Boardwalk and GOT off left, right and centre. Presumably this is something to do with the exclusivity deal they have over here with Sky Atlantic. Bobbins.